Putin Reward Russian Women Who Have 10 Children With $16,000 and Honorable Title

This week, the government of Russia declared that mothers in Russia who have given birth to 10 or more children would once again be honored with a Soviet-era honorary title and a monetary prize.

Russian women who “birth and raise” 10 Russian nationals will once again be given the title of “Mother Heroine,” according to a decree passed this week by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Once the tenth child reaches one year of age, the title comes with a reward of 1 million Russian Rubles, which is around $16,645 in U.S. dollars. According to the ordinance, the honorees will also get a gold medal with five points.

To be eligible for the title of “Mother Heroine,” all ten of the mother’s children must be alive on the first anniversary of the birth of the tenth child, with the exception of children who perished while serving their country in the military, performing community service, or being victims of a terrorist attack.

In addition, the children need to be provided with the “appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual, and moral development.” Russia started honoring mothers with the “Mother Heroine” title in 1944, and it continued to do so until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Russia’s population decrease has worsened in recent years due to factors including the high death toll from its invasion of Ukraine, emigration, and a low birth rate. Since 2010, the percentage of the population that is of working age has dropped annually, according to data from the United Nations.

In an interview, Rebekah Koffler, a former Russia-focused DIA officer and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” recalled being given the title “Mother Heroine” when she was a young girl in Russia as part of the country’s effort to “replenish the population lost during World War II, the famine, and Stalin’s purges.”

“Putin is reviving this Soviet-era tactic to offset the impact of his war on Ukraine, in which thousands of young child-producing age men are dying,” Koffler said.

Putin Rewards Russian Women Who Have 10 Children With $16,000
Putin Reward Russian Women Who Have 10 Children With $16,000

“But the truth is no rational young woman will have 10 children in Russia. First, the economic conditions don’t allow this, there’s no culture of having so many children. Since religion was outlawed in the USSR, the religious groups, like Catholics, who would otherwise have many children, do not.”

Koffler added that Putin also made an effort in 2007 when he announced a National Conception Day and gave workers the following day off to help couples conceive. “None of these methods have fully resolved the demographic crisis in Russia, where the total fertility rate is 1.824 births per woman, which is below the replacement level of 2.2,” Koffler stated.

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