Who Is Adele Dating? Let’s Know About Her Boyfriend

Who Is Adele Dating? After an extended absence from her followers’ feeds, Adele has recently shared two substantial updates. Both the news of her new album and her new relationship status has been announced. On September 19, 2021, the 33-year-old made her relationship with her new boyfriend Instagram official.

Reports claim that the photos were taken at a photo booth at the wedding of Los Angeles Lakers player Anthony Davis. This news arrives a few months after Adele’s divorce from her spouse of five years, Simon Konicki. Additionally, she has recently shared details of her journey to lose weight, during which she shed over a hundred pounds. In this article, are going to read about Who Is Adele Dating?

Who Is Adele Dating?

Adele’s current boyfriend is Rich Paul, an American sports agent. Despite not making it public until September 2021, Paul admitted to “hanging out” with a pop star in a May 2021 New Yorker profile. Formed by Rich Paul, Klutch Sports Group is an agency that represents various professional athletes in the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, including superstars like LeBron James.

The business was established in 2012. He also oversees sports operations at UTA. Until the year 2019, Paul called Cleveland, Ohio home. He was born and raised there.

How old is Rich Paul?

On his 40th birthday in 2021, Rich Paul will have been born on the 16th of December 1981 in Cleveland.

Rich Paul Discusses Having More Kids

Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul is thinking about starting a family. The sports agent, who is now 40 years old and the proud parent of a grown daughter, became a father at a young age. In a recent interview, he alluded to the possibility of starting a family by bringing up the concepts of “more kids” and “older parents.” As a young father starting a business, he said it was “very tough” to E! News. Having said that, “I’m looking forward to becoming a different father; a more patient father” as I get older and my children become older.

Who Is Adele Dating
Who Is Adele Dating

It’s easy to lose track of time with your kids when you’re always on the move while building a company. What happens next is that they start walking and riding bikes; then they start running and doing backflips, and that’s the problem; On with Paul’s discourse. The 30-year-old singer sparked engagement rumors with Paul in February after she was spotted wearing a diamond ring. She has stayed mum about any future nuptials between them.

Never in a million years would I admit whether I was or was not. Though, this is fantastic, right? Adele talked about the ring in February when talk show host Graham Norton brought it up. Adele and Paul started dating at the beginning of the year, and they made their first public appearance together at an NBA Finals game between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks in Arizona.

July 2021: Adele and Rich Paul Spark Romance Rumors

The NBA Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns marked the first time the two were seen in public together. A couple of months of dating was reported by a reliable source to PEOPLE shortly after. Paul brought “his girlfriend to the game to sit close to LeBron,” as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported on The Lowe Post, confirming the couple’s relationship status.

How Adele Met Rich Paul?

In interviews for their November 2021 issues, Adele spoke up about her relationship with Paul with Vogue and British Vogue. “Rich amazingly arrived,” she exclaimed of her companion. “I have no anxiety, fear, or stress. Not true, despite what most people think. It’s gotten totally out of hand.

The two initially met at a party a few years ago, she revealed in the interview, and she joked, “Do you want to sign me?” to his amusement. Inebriated, I enquired. It’s official; I’m a sportsman now. “He is a remarkable man. He’s so funny it hurts. “You know, he’s a genius,” she continued.

Adele and Rich Paul Have a Date Night at NBA Season Opener

When the NBA season began, they were there to see the Golden State Warriors take on the Los Angeles Lakers, and they made another courtside appearance together.

Adele Brings Rich Paul Along for The Filming of The Audience with Adele

After Adele’s first performance in the UK in four years, during which she recorded An Audience with Adele at the London Palladium, the two were spotted leaving in a vehicle together.

Adele Gushes About Rich Paul to Oprah

In her CBS special with Oprah Winfrey, titled “Adele: One Night Only,” the singer revealed more details about her romance with Paul. We all laughed so hard at his jokes. I mean, he is quite funny. I can’t stop laughing at him. In addition, he is a genius. You should realize that he’s a bright young man. As she put it, “it’s amazing to see him work.

She added that she “liked herself and was open to loving and being loved by someone” for the first time. Continuing, she said, “It’s simply time.” However, because I am so sure of my worth, it would be interesting to see how I react to any kind of pain, not only in love partnerships.

Adele Shuts Down Rich Paul Breakup Rumors

While tweeting a preview of her performance at the BRIT Awards, Adele appeared to address the breakup rumors that had been circulating between rather Paul. Saying “Hello, everybody” I can’t wait to share the news that I’ll be performing at next week’s Brit Awards! And it thrills me! And Rich loves you too,” she said,

Adele Sparks Engagement Rumors at The Brit Awards

Adele fueled engagement rumors on February 8th, when she showed up to the BRIT Awards wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger.

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