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Why Was “Doctor Who” Taken off of Netflix? Here Is The Real Reason

Why Was “Doctor Who” Taken off of Netflix? Here Is The Real Reason

Why Was “Doctor Who” Taken off of Netflix? Here Is The Real Reason

One of the most iconic series of its time, “Doctor Who” is a name that has been there in the television industry for a very long time. It is a British science fiction television series and also one of the biggest sci-fi shows on television and the rumors of it leaving Netflix are certainly something that no one wanted to hear. “Doctor Who” has been produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the original run of the show began in 1963 and lasted for 26 years till 1989. A lot of different factors contributed to the incredible success of the show but primarily the primitive special effects and compelling storylines made a mark on the audience, making “Doctor Who” a landmark in British pop culture. Time and again, “Doctor Who” as a show has proved its worth to its audience and that led to the series being resumed again back in 2005.

All about “Doctor Who”

 Although we are hearing a lot about Doctor Who leaving Netflix and that comes as a shocker for most fans, who is “Doctor Who”? 

The show revolves around an eccentric time-traveling scientist who comes from a remote planet called Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords. Doctor Who is a Time Lord himself and has traveled through time in his unique and powerful craft, the TARDIS. The full name of his unique craft is Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, short form TARDIS.

It comes with specific features of its own, the most interesting being able to take various shapes so that it can blend into the environment it is in. Most often we saw on the show, his craft the TARDIS parked on Earth in the form of a blue police box although it was quite capable of whisking to any time and place in the universe. The show never felt short of excitement and interesting turnovers as the Doctor and his colleagues were often seen fighting different evils, including monsters, robots, and twisted Time Lords. Throughout the series, certain adversaries recurred multiple times, primarily the Daleks who are a set of genocidal aliens dressed in armored robot-like suits.

Cast And Crew of Doctor Who

 Doctor Who is an extremely interesting and captivating show that has some really fantastic plot twists that not only helped keep the excitement alive for the fans but also helped the show experiment in multiple dimensions. At one point in the show, it was revealed that Time Lords had the ability to regenerate themselves when they are nearing death. These reincarnated forms had different appearances over time but all had the same memory and skills. 

Cast And Crew of Doctor Who

Owing to this incredible plot twist, the creators were allowed to cast different actors for the title role of the show. When it started in 1996, the original Doctor was played by William Hartnell. Over time, there have been seven different doctors and among them, the longest-lasting was Tom Baker (1974 to 1981). 

Companions of the doctor in the show included Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart played by Nicholas Courtney who was a commander in an organization fighting the extraterrestrials, and Jamie McCrimmon played by Frazer Hines who was an 18th-century Scotsman and Sarah Jane Smith played by Elisabeth Sladen who was an investigative journalist. When BBC started producing new episodes, the 10th Doctor played by David Tennant from 2005 to 2010 became a fan favorite.

Why Was Doctor Who taken off of Netflix

Why was “Doctor Who” taken off of Netflix is definitely something the fans have been wondering about for quite some time now? Some theories suggest that probably BBC is planning its own paid streaming service which can be the reason for taking it off Netflix. In addition to that, the latest showrunner Steven Moffat also announced his departure from the show. However, an exclusive deal was signed with Amazon Prime for Doctor Who which can be the main reason Why was Doctor Who was taken off of Netflix.

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