Georgia Bell Gave Birth To A Baby Boy: She Looks Gorgeous During A Baby Shower

Georgia Bell of GOGGLEBOX gave birth to a Baby boy named Hugh, who is her first kid. The 22-year-old shared the joyful news on Instagram, and her TV friend Abbie Lynn was ecstatic to hear the news. The first photo of the newborn was shared by Georgia along with the caption, “Our darling boy has made his appearance.”

She continued, saying that he was delivered on Tuesday: “7lbs7.5oz at 12:31 on December 22. You are Hugh James Newby excellent in every sense.” Congratulations to you both, Abbie wrote. “He is lovely in every aspect, and I am such a happy aunt and best friend,” she continued. Additionally, she wished Georgia’s boyfriend Josh the best and wrote: “He is so lovely that I am at a loss for words. Auntie Abs is eager to meet you, she says.

Georgia Bell gave birth to a Baby Boy
Georgia Bell gave birth to a Baby Boy

Congratulations, Sophie Sandiford, who co-stars with the couple on Gogglebox, retorted. Georgia, a Durham-born Channel 4 personality, shared her joyful pregnancy news on Instagram in January. She displayed the baby’s July due date in a frame next to a soft toy and a small vest that said, “And then there were four.” She and her boyfriend Josh’s Staffordshire bull terrier, Vinnie, is one of the four.

Gogglebox viewers will recognize the due date sign because it frequently appears in the background of the couch where Georgia and Abbie watch TV. At her baby shower, where she donned a stylish aqua wrap dress, the celebrity subsequently flaunted her growing belly. At the occasion, which was held in a posh neighborhood pub, she posed with her TV co-star, with Abbie remarking, “You’re going to be the best mom.” Since 2018, Georgia, a hairdresser, and her closest friend Abbie have been regulars on Gogglebox.

Georgian Bell, Who Is Pregnant, Looks Gorgeous During A Baby Shower As She Announces His Name

During the weekend, Gogglebox star Georgia Bell went out to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first child. The 21-year-old and her boyfriend Josh are expecting a child in July.

On Sunday, Georgia posted a number of pictures to Instagram and, on her Instagram Story, provided a more detailed look at her baby shower. The expecting mother looked stunning in one of the photos wearing a pleated satin dress and tie shoes. She smiled for the camera while holding a sign that said, “Welcome to Georgia’s Baby Shower,” along with the date at the bottom.


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Georgia smiled for the camera as she held a bouquet of flowers that were wrapped in brown paper. Her blonde hair was fashioned in classic curls, and she was wearing a pearl headband.

The caption for her social media post read, “The most perfect baby shower.” “Thank you all for making my day so amazing,” the speaker said, identifying the venue as Durham’s Ebony’s Champagne and Cocktail Bar.

In more pictures, a radiant Georgia could be seen posing with her loved ones and friends, including her best friend and Gogglebox co-star Abbie Lynn. The 20-year-old wore a green Aztec dress to the event, which she accessorized with a sequined bag, a pair of slinky black heels, and a clutch.

The first person to respond to her friend’s post was Abbie, who wrote: “Stunning on the inside and out! You’re going to be the most wonderful mother; I will always love you.” Izzi Warner, a mother of two and another Gogglebox celebrity, also left a remark and wrote: “Looking absolutely lovely.”

Looking flourishing, added Daniel Lustig, who co-stars on the Channel 4 program with her husband Stephen Webb. Fans quickly started posting comments as well. Tiggy and Ashley commented: “Absolutely stunning! I hope your day was just fantastic.” Posted by babyandmegiftbox “Absolutely gorgeous appearance! I hope you had a wonderful day.”


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Additionally, they seem to have established the baby boy’s name before he was born. On her Instagram Story, Georgia shared a closer look at the memorable afternoon. She also included a photo of a gorgeous “nappy cake” with “Hugh Jamie” bunting all around it.

Georgia talked to Abbie during the final episode of the current season of Gogglebox on Friday. She hasn’t said much about the baby’s impending birth, but she did tell Abbie that her midwife had instructed her to prepare her hospital bag.

When Georgia stated, “Went to the midwife the other day and she said, ‘Oh you should start packing your hospital bag,'” Abbie responded, “You’re kidding?” Georgia added, “I went ‘you what?’, she went, ‘you know, your little hospital bag,’ and I said ‘what the heck do I put in that?'” she said, explaining how she responded to the advice.

What do you pack in a hospital bag, she inquired, before going on to explain that the midwife had advised bringing food for her and her partner in case they became hungry. Georgia remarked, “She gave us some wonderful suggestions, but the one thing she kept talking about was snacks.

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