First Half of a $1,652 Social Security Direct Payment is Due in 14 Days

Two weeks from now, Supplemental Security Income recipients will receive the first of two September installments. According to the Social Security Administration, eligible claimants will get two payments this month, the first on September 1 in the amount of $841, and the second on September 30 in the same amount, for a total of $1,652.

People who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income receive two payments per month, with September being one of the three months in which this occurs. This year, the other months having two payments are April and December.

To ensure that eligible beneficiaries get 12 payments per year, the schedule calls for double payments to be made in the months when no payments are made.

January, May, and October are the months that fall within this category. Couples who are qualified for this benefit will get two payments totaling $1,261 during the month of September.

Two $421 payments will be sent on the same days to essential persons, defined as a person who resides with a Supplemental Security Income recipient and provides necessary care.

Analysts predict that beneficiaries will see an increase in their Social Security payouts the next year as a direct result of the rising rates of inflation. Increased payments may put some persons at a higher tax rate, which could result in a net loss of income compared to their current level of support.

According to Nexstar Media Wire, if things continue as they are, Social Security won’t be able to pay out in full by the year 2035. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily


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