Who Is Lele Pons Dating? Her Love Life!

Lele Pons, also known as Eleonora Pons Maronese (born June 25, 1996), is a Venezuelan-American internet sensation, YouTuber, singer, and actress. She is the star of the YouTube Original docuseries The Secret Life of Lele Pons, which offers a glimpse into her private life, and she also presents the Best Kept Secrets with the Lele Pons podcast.

YouTuber and internet sensation Lele Pons got engaged to her longtime lover Guaynaa on July 31. Lele also shared the news on social media, stating that her boyfriend, who is now her fiance, popped the question to her on Tomorrowland’s main stage. Guayana proposed to her during DJ Steve Aoki’s set.

While the couple has been together since 2020, they first did not open public about their dating each other. However, suspicions about their dating started floating around after they were photographed together for Se Te Nota. The couple is now engaged and all ready to marry each other.

Guaynaa: Who is He?

Rapper and musician Guaynaa, whose true name is Jean Carlos Santiago Pérez, is from Puerto Rico. His songs include ReBoTa, which is well known. In April 2019, the song even debuted on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. In addition to being a busy vocalist, Guayana is also active on social media. On Instagram, he has 6.1 million followers, and on YouTube, he has over 3 million.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating
Who Is Lele Pons Dating

He primarily uses social media to update his fans on what is going on in his life and to share any new projects he may be working on. He occasionally appears in videos with Lele since, in addition to being a musician, she is also well-known on social media.

Who is Lele Pons?

Born on June 25th, 1996 in Caracas, Venezuela, Eleonora Pons Maronese is of Italian and Spanish ancestry. Her father Luis Pons worked in architecture, and her mother Anna Maronese practiced pediatrics. She made the journey to the US when she was five years old, settling in Miami, FL. Pons rose to fame on the defunct social media network Vine, where her slapstick videos quickly attracted millions of loops and followers thanks to her unique brand of absurd humor.

Due to its downfall, she branched out into other areas, such as making comedic videos for YouTube and becoming the Instagram queen. She has racked up 45,2 million Instagram followers. Pons has spoken candidly in her new YouTube docuseries, “The Secret Life of Lele Pons,” about her struggles with OCD, ADHD, and Tourette syndrome.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating
Who Is Lele Pons Dating

Pons primarily produces slapstick comedic videos for preteens and teenagers on a variety of topics, from social anxiety to first loves. In an interview last year with Perez Hilton, she explained how she gets up every day and asks herself: “How am I going to make four million or 10 million people laugh today? In other words, “what am I going to provide them today from my life experience, or how am I going to entertain them today?”

When Did They Start Dating?

Since the year 2020, Lele has been dating Guaynaa. The two were never forthcoming about the exact day that their relationship began. But after they collaborated on Se Te Nota, dating rumors began to circulate. Lele and Guaynaa rejected dating rumors at the time the single dropped. In spite of this first setback, the two finally began dating.

The Pair Gets Engaged

At Tomorrowland 2022, Lele performed some of her most popular songs, and during one of her sets, a person became engaged on stage for the very first time in the festival’s whole history. As Lele was wrapping up her performance, Guaynaa made his way up to the platform and proposed to her while he was on his knees.

Without a doubt, Lele was caught off guard, but she mustered up all of her strength to promptly respond with a “yes.” Even on their respective social media accounts, the couple discussed the same topic. They have not disclosed any other information on when they intend to have the wedding as of this moment.

Who Is Lele Pons Dating
Who Is Lele Pons Dating

Official Announcement: December 12, 2020

Following a great deal of conjecture, in December of that year, the couple confirmed their relationship via Instagram. Lele captioned a series of images of the two of them having a good time in the snow with the declaration, “MINE (It’s official)

What is Lele Pons’ Net Worth?

According to wealthygorilla.com, Lele Pons has a net worth of approximately $3 million (£2.1 million) as of the year 2021. She discussed how Spotify has a significant impact on the music industry as well as her career. The famous person has contemplated applying the same format to her upcoming podcast collaboration with Spotify.


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