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Apple Watch Pro: Release Date Status, Specifications and Price 

Apple Watch Pro

Apple Watch Pro

This year, the Apple Watch Series 8 is not the sole smartwatch that is being planned by Apple. Reportedly, a pro model is also forthcoming which will be different from Series 8 as it will majorly target workouts and sports as well, ensuring a bigger design along with longer-lasting battery life. The upcoming Apple Watch is also set to have the biggest display yet.

Apple Watch Pro Release Date

Though there is no official launch date announced yet for Apple Watch Pro, the current belief is that this upcoming watch will be seen during the September 7 event, where we can also see the Apple Watch Series 8 as well as iPhone 14. September 16 is the expected release date for the watches.

Apple Watch Pro Specifications

As per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we can expect to see some of the sports-targeted attributes in the new watch.

Taking into consideration that this watch is designed specifically for sports freaks, it is also expected to be water-resistant.

Some of the other specifications this watch is expected to have include glucose measurements and monitoring blood pressure. Though there are patents indicating Apple’s interest in this tech, there is no hint about this happening in 2022. 

Apple Watch Pro Specs and Hardware

According to Mark Gurman, case size of 46 to 47mm is expected giving a screen area of over the 45mm Series 7. The display resolution will be nearly 410 by 502 pixels (the 45mm Series 7 had 396 by 484 pixels comparatively). Overall, the new watch will also have a similar sharpness as the current Apple Watch models.

The materials used to develop the watch also sets Apple Watch Pro different from the earlier series. Currently, Apple Watch is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium; however, the pro-Apple Watch is estimated to utilize a “premium, non-aluminum metal material,” which is considered to be titanium by Gurman.

Mark estimates the larger battery would have a capacity to last “multiple days on one charge via the new low-power mode.” The low-power mode is also introduced that would possibly perform by stopping background activities and reducing brightness is also expected to be seen only in September’s Apple Watch models.

It is also expected to come with the same body temperature sensor and S8 chip that the Series 8 have. That doesn’t mean that the temperature reader would give metrics like a traditional thermometer, however, you will be informed if your body temperature is raised to prompt you to check your temperature whereas the S8 processor will have identical performance as was in the S7 and S6 chips in Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6 so do not estimate any significant advancements to that section.

Gurman further hinted that this enhanced watch will come with LTE, compared to Samsung’s 2022 smartwatch, which has LTE or only Bluetooth.

Apple Watch Pro Expected Price

Similar to the other Apple products, the pro-level specification that the new Apple Watch is coming up with definitely indicates a higher price.

In August, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was confirmed which starts from $370. On the other hand, given that the Apple Watch Series 8 is supposed to have a starting price of $399, this smartwatch is coming with higher-end materials.

So now, we expect that the Apple Watch Pro will start at more than $900. 

Apple Watch Pro must have caught many eyes looking to get their hands on it as soon as it is available. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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