Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed? It’s Now Legal To Exhaust!

A.D. Usain St. Retired Jamaican sprinter Leo Bolt, born August 21, 1986, is largely regarded as the best sprinter in history. His 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4×100-meter relay times are all world records. Bolt is the only Olympic sprinter in history to win both the 100-meter and 200-meter events in three consecutive Olympics, giving him a total of eight gold medals (2008, 2012, and 2016).

In addition to his individual success, he has also medaled twice in the 4100 relays. At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he set two world records in one day, becoming the first person to win gold in two different sprint events since the introduction of mandatory completely automatic time.

Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed?

Bolt has been seen to embrace the cannabis culture by posting images of himself with a cannabis apparel company, despite the fact that he does not smoke cigarettes any longer. Both Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps have all but Established that this will be their final Olympic competition, so be ready to see these two icons retire from the sport they helped define.

Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed
Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed

IOC Allows These Olympic Record-Breakers To Smoke Cannabis

Before now, the use of cannabis by Olympic athletes was a murky topic. Michael Phelps admitted in 2009 that a photo of him smoking a bong was authentic, and he was suspended for three months as a result. Not only that but Kellogg’s dropped their lucrative sponsorship of him as well. Weed has been decriminalized in many places throughout the world in recent years.

Athletes at the Olympics can light up without fear of being disqualified because of surprisingly lax laws regarding cannabis testing. Although cannabis is still officially forbidden during the games, athletes can get away with using it as long as it’s not done during competition.

In May 2013, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) revised its policies, making it more difficult for an Olympian to be disqualified for testing positive for ‘Mary-Jane’. When snowboarding was introduced to the Olympic roster in 1998, it seems that no one anticipated the culture that has come to be associated with the sport.

In the 1998 Winter Olympics, Ross Rebagliati made history by becoming the first man to win a gold medal in men’s snowboarding. Soon after the monumental victory, however, he tested positive for THC at a level of 17.8 ng/ml and was consequently disqualified.

Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed
Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed

Rebagliati claimed that the THC exposure was the result of secondhand smoke. Following a ruling in 1998 that determined Ganja was not to be on the list of illegal narcotics, Rebagliati was awarded back his honors. Rebagliati has recovered in the modern, legal marijuana industry. Canna-competitor and pot business innovator posts fearlessly about the potent plant on Instagram.

Bolt’s Joy: It’s Now Legal to Smoke Pot Before Competitions

The World Anti-Doping Agency increased the permitted levels of marijuana’s active ingredients in athlete doping tests, which helped to legalize the drug. What purpose did the numerous disqualifications and careers that were destroyed serve?
Usain Bolt and the entire nation of Jamaica, together with thousands of athletes and millions of non-athletes, have been rejoicing in the triumph together. Bolt won a 100-meter event at the third straight Olympics, breaking a record. He also won’t ever have to lie about his views on marijuana again.

When asked a question that was bound to be asked of every Jamaican during an interview in 2009, Bolt sloppily said that, of course, he had used marijuana: “When you’re a child in Jamaica, you learn how to roll a joint,” but it last happened to him many years ago.

He could withstand the conservative audience’s response, but not his sponsors. After a few days, Bolt apologized to the nation and his supporters and urged young athletes never to use drugs. The runner didn’t become more confident until four years later when he uploaded a picture of his The Pothead Diaries brand T-shirts to Instagram.

Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed
Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed

In these four years, 20 states have legalized the sale of medical marijuana; in the Czech Republic, up to five bushes may be grown for personal use; and in Spain, over 700 cannabis clubs have been established. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) increased the allowable quantities of cannabis active chemicals in athletes’ urine tests from 15 to 150 nanograms per milliliter, which is significant for the athlete. This is three times the maximum that the army permits for its military members.


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