Is Liz Cheney Gay? The True Identity of The Politician

Liz Cheney is known to be a politician, lawyer, political analyst as well as author over the course of her career. She has been the Republican representative of Wyoming ever since 2016, the time Liz was officially elected. However, Liz was back in the news on the 16th of August when she conceded the primary election to Harriet Hageman who is the attorney backed by Trump. As a matter of fact, Liz is considered to be the fourth GOP House member who chose to vote for impeaching former President Donald Trump by losing their seat. And this news again led to the discussion that is Liz Cheney gay. The question has been lingering in the media for the longest period and here you will find the truth.

Who is Liz Cheney?

Elizabeth Lynne Cheney is the daughter of Dick and Lynne Cheney born on 28th July 1966 in Madison, Wisconsin. Throughout her life, she has been constantly moving between Wisconsin and Wyoming post her father got elected to Congress. His father was known as Vice President Dick Cheney. In 1988, she finally graduated from Colorado College and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from there. After that, she attended the University of Chicago to get a prestigious law degree. During the initial years of her career, she had worked relentlessly to make her worth known in her office. She was a full-time employee at the State Department. Besides, she was also a consultant for Armitage Associates LLP and later, for White & Case which is a law firm.

Liz has earned her reputation through her wit and smart nature. She has actually evolved through various stages to attain the position that she is in today. In 2014, she was running against Sen. Mike Enzi for the seat in Wyoming. However, she wasn’t welcomed by the people of Wyoming due to her orthodox thoughts. After an initial try, she again came for Wyoming’s lone House seat and won it and Liz has been serving the position since then. She was again re-elected back to back in 2018 and 2020. Recently in 2022, she gave up her seat.

Is Liz Cheney Gay?

Liz Cheney is definitely not gay as her comments and remarks on same-sex marriage prove. Cheney has been married to attorney Phillip Perry since 1993 and the couple had always supported each other. They proceeded to have a total of five children. However, Liz Cheney initially had a problematic stance on same-sex marriage. She opposed the idea of same-sex marriage and never wanted to legalize it. As a matter of fact, this has led to the nasty public right that Liz had with her family and her sister Mary Cheney. Mary is a woman who is siblings with Liz and she identifies herself as gay. This didn’t sit right with Liz and it spared a very detailed public dispute. Moreover, Cheney was a Trump supporter who now changed her views after the November 2020 election.

Is Liz Cheney Gay?
Is Liz Cheney Gay?

Recently, Cheney reversed her views on same-sex marriage, and now, she is a supporter of gay relationships. A majority of the credit goes to Liz’s sister Mary who helped her understand the concept of gay relationships. In fact, Mary is openly a lesbian and she is even married to the love of her life.

During Liz’s interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, the 55-year-old Senare confessed that she “was wrong” to oppose and rebel against gay marriage. She added, “I love my sister very much. I love her family very much. And I was wrong,” “It’s a very personal issue, and very personal for my family. I believe that my dad was right, and my sister and I have had that conversation.” “This is an issue that we have to recognize, you know, as human beings, that we need to work against discrimination of all kinds in our country, in our state.”

Better late than never, Liz has realized how valuable her support for same-sex marriage is. So, Liz Cheney herself is not gay but she is now voicing for the rights of people of the LGBTQ community and aiming to continue the same work in the future.

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