Who is Stronger Naruto or Boruto? Can a Son Surpass His Father

Despite having a very different backstory, Boruto, like his father Naruto, is a formidable Ninja. This ability came to Naruto via Kuruma, the Ninten Tailed Fox, while Boruto benefited greatly from Momoshiki’s Karma seal.

The young shinobi, Boruto, possesses a fair amount of talent right from the start of the series, and we’ve watched him train with some of the greatest shinobi of all time, learning new Jutsu and, of course, gaining enormous power as a result.

Fans of the series will likely already know the answer to this, but new viewers may be curious about how Boruto’s strength compares to that of his father, Naruto.

Is Boruto Really Stronger Than Naruto?

For the time being, even with Momoshiki’s Karma seal, Naruto is undeniably stronger than Boruto. The two might be on the same footing if not for Kuruma and his Baryon Mode, but otherwise, they’d be on par with Naruto and his absence of that technique. Up until this point in Boruto, Naruto has been the most powerful character. At some point in the future, Naruto will most likely regain his abilities.

Who is Stronger Naruto or Boruto
Who is Stronger Naruto or Boruto

Since Naruto is probably at or near his maximum potential and Boruto is still developing, it is not unreasonable to assume that Boruto will eventually overtake Naruto in terms of power. This is especially true considering that Boruto, then a teenager, appears to have complete control of the Karma seal in the opening scene.

Boruto still needs some more time to mature before he can compete on the same level as his father. Although at present it is not possible to predict who may overtake whom in the future with all the given information. We’ll keep bringing in more interesting fan theories and facts.

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