Has Season 4 Of Glow Up Premiered ON Netflix? Where Are the Contestants Now?

Season 4 of Glow Up has premiered on Netflix. That’s right, the popular reality competition show about makeup has launched a brand-new season on Netflix after closing off its stint on the BBC across the pond. And just wait until you see what the MUAs have in store for you in Season 4 if you thought Seasons 1-3 displayed some great looks. Will any look ever be more recognizable than that particular drag makeup look from Season 1? That is what we truly want to know.

We’re interested in more information than just that, okay? Which makeup artists are participating in Glow Up Season 4? Tell us today! Who plays what part? Who is self-taught, exactly? was created the spooky and glamorous content? Who the hell creates the frightening glam looks? Look no further if you want to learn more about each makeup artist from Glow Up Season 4. Season 4 of Glow Up has premiered on Netflix.

Has Season 4 Of Glow Up Premiered ON Netflix
Has Season 4 Of Glow Up Premiered ON Netflix

An exciting reality competition show called “Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star” brings in contestants and lets them compete for the title of the finest makeup artist. It’s interesting to see that not every participant is a makeup artist. Additionally, even though the competitors are from various walks of life, they form a close friendship while living together and taking part in progressively difficult events. The goal of these rounds is to put each competitor’s technique and skill to the test, among other things.

Where Is Charlie Carter Now?

Charlie Carter, although being a potential contender in season 4, came near to being eliminated after the first challenge before deciding to leave the competition on their own. It’s interesting to note that Charlie revealed they were a debt collector before one of their TikTok videos went viral in April 2020 and gave them the chance to appear on the reality show.


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Nevertheless, following the completion of filming, Charlie seems to have returned to Telford, where they have established a great life surrounded by family and friends. The reality star also revealed that since the popular TikTok video, they have been pursuing a full-time career in content development. He is also a loving father to their gorgeous kid.

Where Is Adam Blends Now?

Adam gave the program everything he had, but his efforts ultimately fell short, and he was forced to leave the competition in ninth place. Adam resumed his normal activities after filming was finished and is now entirely focused on advancing his career. He educates others who are interested in the art in addition to working as a freelance makeup artist from his base in Liverpool, and he hopes to expand his company internationally.

Where Is Mikaél Frimpong Now?

Mikaél, a self-taught makeup artist, claimed that before appearing on the show, he was a Loss Prevention Officer. Even though several of his ideas thoroughly wowed the judges, he was ultimately outclassed and had to leave the competition in eighth place. It appears that Mikaél went back to his regular life in London once the filming was finished and is still making a living as a loss prevention officer.

Mikael did, however, note that using makeup has always allowed him to be creative and be who he wants to be. Thus, the makeup artist from London has kept developing his craft and frequently shares photos of his astounding works on social media.

Where Is Sophie Gouk Now?

Sophie was a fan favorite in season 4 due to their upbeat demeanor and resolute demeanor. Unfortunately, in the fourth episode, their abilities were found wanting, and the gifted makeup artist was forced to leave the competition in seventh place.

Currently situated in London, Sophie has established a solid reputation for themselves in the cosmetics profession as an MUA, creative director, and model. Sophie’s inventions, which focus on special effects, imaginative prosthetics, and music videos, have been highlighted in several major publications, earning them the fame they rightfully deserve.

Where Is Ryan Beaumont Now?

Early on in the show, Ryan Beaumont sailed through it and seemed very sure of his abilities. He unfortunately placed in the bottom two and was eliminated in the sixth position. Ryan is presently based in Bolton, where he performs his duties as a qualified makeup artist. Although the reality star is also highly skilled in sculpting and character design, it appears that he specializes in SFX and monster makeup. Additionally, he has spread his trade across the globe and is committed to developing his career.

Where Is Rachel Makoni Now?

Rachel appeared to be having a strong run on the show because she even won two challenges in a row. She unexpectedly fell into the bottom two in episode 6, where she eventually finished in fifth place, and was eliminated. It’s interesting to note that she was employed by UDG Healthcare at the time of filming as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.


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Fortunately, Rachel’s appearance on the show catapulted her into the public eye, and since then, she has amassed a sizable online fan base that has allowed her to pursue content creation with Makeup Revolution full-time. She reportedly lives in the Greater Leicester Area at the moment and is entirely committed to developing her career.

Where Is Nancé Synthia Kabasélé Now?

Despite having a sluggish start to the season, Nancé eventually gained momentum and established herself as a formidable opponent. But as luck would have it, the gifted makeup artist finished fourth and was ousted since she was unable to get in the top three. After the filming was finished, Nancé went back to London, where she runs her independent makeup artist business.

It’s interesting to note that Nancé is widely renowned in the field and has worked as a cosmetic artist for ten years. Her work has also been featured in renowned publications like Vanity Fair, Glam Africa, Rolling Stone, and Elle, among others, so fans will be happy to know that her ability hasn’t gone ignored.

Where Is Kris Cannon Now?

Kris, who is a fantastic makeup artist in his own right, demonstrated to be a very effective competitor and was one of the favorites to win. He lost in the season finale, though, and was forced to retire in third place. It’s interesting to note that Kris has long been a skilled makeup artist, but during the lockdown, he learned how to utilize prosthetics and has become pretty skilled at it. He currently lives in London and makes a job as a counter makeup and special effects artist.

Where Is Lisa Street Now?

Through her outstanding performances on the show, Lisa proved her mettle; the season finale was the only time she came up short. She was forced to concede defeat and accept second place as a result. Lisa was employed as a teacher in Essex at the time of filming.

Although it appears that she has since moved back, the show gave her the exposure she needed to become a successful makeup artist. Lisa, on the other hand, consistently posts excellent original content to her social media sites and has a sizable fan base on TikTok.

Where Is Yong-Chin Marika Breslin Now?

Yong-Chin won the competition handily and established herself as one of the best makeup artists on the program. After three contestants remained, the winner of season four of “Glow Up The Next Makeup Star” was decided. She is from Scotland. Yong-Chin returned to Sutton, England, where she runs her independent makeup business, once the production was finished.

Furthermore, Yong-Chin continues to run her firm as a freelancer despite being well-liked in the sector and receiving excellent customer feedback. The Sutton resident has been considering relocating to New York City to gain international recognition for her passion for dealing with extreme beauty and fashion prostheses.

Season 4 of Glow Up has premiered on Netflix. Stay tuned for more updates at Lee Daily


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