Woman Artificially Inseminated Herself for Less Than Rs 4k and Had a Healthy Baby Boy in July

Artificial insemination is a medical or veterinary practice of injecting semen into a female’s cervix or uterine cavity with the intention of producing a pregnancy through in-vivo fertilization. It is conducted by seasoned doctors and professional artificial insemination operators because mistakes during the operation might lead to infection, spotting, or multiple pregnancies.

But lately, one 24-year-old lady managed to inseminate herself at home with a DIY kit that cost her barely less than Rs 4,000. Bailey Ennis was aware that becoming a mother was something she had always wanted to do, but she had no desire to be in a relationship. This led her to attempt self-insemination, which she did after acquiring a do-it-yourself insemination kit.

Everything worked out perfectly great because Bailey welcomed a healthy baby boy, weighing 2.32 kg, last month. The feat is pretty impressive given the success rate for becoming pregnant by artificial insemination ranges from five to 30 percent, according to Parents.com

As for costs, an artificial insemination treatment at a clinic can cost up to $1,000 (Rs 80,000) in the US. The single parent stated she made the decision of inseminating herself soon after she discovered an experienced and healthy donor. Believe it or not, she become pregnant on her very first attempt in October 2021.

“I identified someone who had a healthy medical record and had been a donor for two others before for two LGBTQ couples. I identified my donor and we WhatsApped and met up for a coffee before both agreeing he would be my donor,” she was reported as saying by LadBible.

Bailey said the donor came over and then helped her with the equipment. “He brought over his donation and then helped me utilize the kit. It has sterile cups, syringes, ovulation tests and that’s it.”

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