DualSense Edge Wireless Controller From Sony Competes With Xbox Elite

Sony has recently introduced a new DualSense Edge Wireless Controller. Like the Xbox Elite controller, the “high performance” controller allows for complete personalization. Sony looks to have incorporated the most desirable aspects of both the Scuf and Elite controllers into its offering featuring detachable analog thumbsticks, rear buttons, interchangeable stick caps and different control profiles.

Standard high dome and low dome stick caps are all available for use with the DualSense Edge. Choose regular paddles, the two rear buttons (half-dome or lever) can be swapped out for whichever functions you like. Stick modules can be swapped out, giving it an additional advantage over the Xbox Elite. You can buy these individually.

Sony has also included rear-mounted, height-adjustable trigger hair locks. The trigger travel may be adjusted and the trigger can be locked at the half-pull position, making these locks perfect for gamers. You may also adjust the sensitivity and dead zones of the analog sticks, as well as remap or disable button inputs.

You may save several control setups much like with other programmable controllers which is convenient if you want to switch games frequently. Sony has also included an in-game interface on the controller with a dedicated function button for instantaneous profile switching volume/chat balance adjustments and profile customization.

The DualSense Edge comes with everything you need to get started including a USB-C cable with a braided cable and a connector housing that can be locked into the controller. The controller can be charged over USB while it’s stowed in the included carrying case, which is reminiscent of the Xbox Elite and keeps everything organized.

Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
Sony DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

So yet Sony has just hinted at the DualSense Edge controller during Gamescom Opening Night Live, a release date or price has not been announced. However, the release of the DualSense Edge is still some time off.

“In the months ahead, we look forward to sharing more details about the DualSense Edge wireless controller including launch timing and can’t wait to see how the PS5 community unlocks the full potential of the controller’s customization options,” tells Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of PlayStation platform experience.

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