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What Was the Cause of Joe Strummer’s Death?

Joe Strummer Death

Joe Strummer Death

Joe Strummer whose given name was John Graham Mellor, was the frontman for one of the most influential punk rock bands, The Clash. He was also the band’s leader. The band first got together in 1976 and in 1978, their album Give ‘Em Enough Rope climbed all the way to number two on the charts in the UK.

Soon after that, they began to enjoy success in the United States, beginning with the release of London Calling in 1979 and culminating with the release of Combat Rock in 1982, which peaked at number 7 on the charts in the United States and was certified two times platinum there.

Rock music in general and alternative rock in particular was profoundly impacted by the explosive political lyrics of The Clash, as well as the band’s eclectic musical experimentation and defiant demeanor during performances. Reggae, ska, dub, funk, rap and rockabilly were all elements that were included in their music.

Joe Strummer Cause of Death

Joe passed away abruptly on December 22nd, 2002, in his home in Broomfield, Somerset. He had been suffering from an undiagnosed congenital heart condition prior to his death. His estate was worth just under one million pounds and he bequeathed every last penny to Lucinda, the woman he married. Strummer was cremated and his family was handed the remains of their loved one after his death.

The tragic news of Strummer’s passing was shared on the musician’s official website. The website strummersite.com posted a message on December 23 that read, “Joe Strummer died yesterday. Our condolences to Luce and the kids, family and friends.”

Strummer “died peacefully at his home in Somerset,” according to a statement that was sent by his publicist. The statement continued by saying that the musician’s wife Lucy, their two daughters and stepdaughter “request privacy at this difficult time.”

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