Demi Lovato’s Boyfriend Jute$ Shares A Romantic Birthday Tribute to Her

It has been made official! On Demi’s 30th birthday, fans got to know about Demi Lovato’s new boyfriend and they made their social media debut. What can be a better moment to confess love for each other? This has become Instagram official and Demi herself solidified the news by sharing a photo on her Instagram story. Demi had a lot of struggles for the past few years post her relapse and sudden hospitalization. She has been in many different controversies as well and even came out as bisexual. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer had quite a tough time in her life. But recently news surfaced about Demi dating a mystery man. Though the man remained unidentified, now we know who he actually is. 

Demi Lovato Goes Official With Boyfriend Jute$

Demi turned 30 on 20th August 2022, and to mark this moment forever, her new boyfriend Jute$ took to Instagram to share his feelings for her. Jute$ is a musician who posted a series of photos and videos giving glimpses of their happy romantic life. One picture was of them hiking at the top and the love was evident in the image. The other video was of Jute$ constantly kissing Lovato while the couple was driving.

Demi Lovatos Boyfriend
Demi Lovatos Boyfriend

Photos of the couple’s beach vacation were also posted. They took on a roller coaster ride, plane journey, daily date night activities, and even the day-to-day necessary activities such as brushing their teeth.

Jute$ seemed to be very much in love with the Disney icon. He added a very long caption to the carousel post that read, “Happy birthday baby. ur a 30-year-old minx and I’m the luckiest schmuck in the world cuz I get to call u mine. making u laugh has become my new obsession cuz ur smile literally cures my depression (there’s a song lyric in there somewhere). I’m so proud of u for not only surviving everything you’ve been through but coming out on top and becoming ur healthiest happiest sweetest self. and that’s all u baby… I’m here to support u and tell stupid dad jokes when needed.”

Of course, Demi couldn’t stop gushing over the post that her lover shared on such a global platform.

Demi commented on the post and even stated that the last slide of the bar is the cutest video on the internet. And obviously, she added the very special “I love you.”

The pop icon also uploaded a picture of her posing beside her lover Jute$ on an Instagram story. A source already talked about Demi’s new relationship early in August. A source close to the couple said that Demi is now in a “pleased, healthy relationship.” But the identity of the lover was not known until Demi’s birthday post.

Before that, they were also seen holding hands post their dinner date.

Who is Jute$?

Jute$ is quite a big name in the music industry. He is a Canadian rapper, as well as a songwriter and Demi met him in a recording studio. Their first encounter was when she created her eighth studio album “Holy Fvck.” This was the very album where Demi talked about her life and also had the hit single “Substance.”

Demi Lovatos Boyfriend
Demi Lovatos Boyfriend

Apart from working with Demi, Jute$, whose actual name is Jordan Lutes, is also working on his music career. His creations are available to stream and buy on top platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Moreover, Jute$ was actually signed by the industry’s best record label, Capitol Records. He even had been offered a massive deal, but he chose to go independent since he wanted to be his own boss and take all the decisions of his career,

Jute$ respects and loves Demi, and the common link of music makes them the perfect couple. It is still not sure how long the couple has been dating, but as Demi has opened up about her love life, she is surely going to share more details soon enough. Honestly, fans are happy to see Demi being herself after a long period, and we hope she gets all the happiness in the upcoming days.

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