Zayn And Gigi Break-Up: Why Did Hollywood’s Favorite Couple Leave Each Other?

When Zayn and Gigi had their daughter in September 2020, the world thought that this was it for the couple. Probably one of the hottest couples that Hollywood has ever seen, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are famous for their unique talents. Zayn Malik is a former “One Direction” member who has evolved in his solo music career.

On the other hand, Gigi Hadid is among the industry’s top supermodels. And when the two most popular on the earth get in a relationship, you know how great their future seems. But even after having an on-off relationship Zayn and Gigi finally broke up. What was the reason behind that? How did it happen? We have gathered solid information that clears all the doubts about their relationship.

When Did Zayn And Gigi Break Up? What Is The Real Reason For Their Split?

In 2021 Zayn and Gigi called it quits post a disturbing situation. The supermodel who turned 27 and the singer had their first child just a year before they chose different paths in life.

Zayn And Gigi Breakup
Zayn And Gigi Breakup

The first report that TMZ published on 28th October stated that Zayn had “struck” Gigi’s mother, Yolanda, while Gigi was busy with her show at Paris Fashion Week. While Zayn was alone at his home, managing his daughter Khai, Yolanda flew down to Pennsylvania and had a sudden visit at Zayn’s place. It was said that Zayn allegedly pushed Yolanda into a dresser. Besides, he also went into a fight with the security guard.

Fans and families of Zayn know how private of a person Zayn is. He likes his space and does not want anyone to invade his privacy. Soon after the news broke out, he released a statement on all his social media platforms that read, 

“As you all know, I am a private person and want to create a safe and private space for my daughter to grow up in.” “To protect that space for her, I agreed not to contest claims arising from an argument I had with a family member of my partner’s who entered our home while my partner was away several weeks ago.” “This was and still should be a private matter…I am hopeful, though, for healing for all involved with the harsh words shared and more importantly, I remain vigilant to protect Khai and give her the privacy she deserves.”

This is just a portion of a very lengthy statement and Zayn mentioned how much he wants to main a private life for his child. Zayn still denies all the claims and is adamant about his innocence.

Yolanda pressed four charges of harassment against the famous singer and claimed that Zayn verbally abused her. This Refers to Zayn getting fined and a total of 360 days of probation.

Fans started a “Free Zayn” campaign to defend him since most of the audience believes Yolanda to be the real culprit. It is very well known to the fans and media how Yolanda tries to insert herself in places where she doesn’t belong forcefully. She was also responsible for Bella’s and Weeknd’s break-up.

Though fans blame Yolanda for the break-up of Gigi and Zayn, Gigi’s rep confirmed, “Gigi is solely focused on the best for Khai. She asks for privacy during this time”.

And another family friend stated, “They are not together right now. They are both good parents though,” “They co-parent. Yolanda is of course very protective of Gigi. She wants the best for her daughter and grandchild.”

The Relationship Between Gigi And Zayn 

The couple has been going on and off their relationship for years now. Gigi and Zayn’s relationship rumors started in November 2015 and they soon made it Instagram official in December 2015. They had a Vogue photoshoot, a steamy “Pillow Talk” music video, the Met Gala Debut and also their first break-up in the same year of 2016. But only after a month did the lovers fix their issues and get back together. Things were going fine and in 2017, the hot vogue cover shoot excited the fans to see what their favorite Couples were up to in real life. But in March 2018, they had their second break-up, only to reconcile in April 2018. 

After another great year, they again went apart in January 2019 and then in January 2020, the date night of Zayn and Gigi were back. Gigi got pregnant and the couple welcomed their first baby in September 2020. But in 2021, they had their final break-up and the couple solely focused on co-parenting.

Do you think that Zayn and Gigi will be back again?

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