Taehyung Sleeping Disorder: Is BTS Member Suffering From Insomnia?

BTS is currently a global phenomenon. You must be really living under rocks if you do not know the K-pop boy band that had made the world crazy over them. The 7 members’ boy band has made the K-pop industry popular all over the world. Fans have gone crazy over these BTS members and, they are believed to be the idols of the “Army”. That is what the BTS fans are called. So, who are the famous faces in the group? These are Jung Kook, V or Taehyung, RM, Jin, Jimin, J-hope, and Suga. They all have their own dedicated fans plus the group has its own army. 

But recently, Taehyung fans got concerned after it was revealed that Taehyung may suffer from a sleeping disorder. Though it was nowhere mentioned that Taehyung has been diagnosed with so, V-biases was deeply moved after learning this and they want their idol to be in his best health. So, does Taehyung really have a sleeping disorder? Or is it just an assumption? The answer has been detailed in this article.

Does Taehyung Have Sleeping Disorder?

Taehyung aka V is quite a sport when it comes to trolling himself. The members of BTS share a very close and special bond. So, his bandmates didn’t leave the chance to reveal his secrets when the time came. During their exclusive broadcasts, the bandmates exposed V’s weird and unique sleeping habits.

While the bandmates were still living under one roof, they were asked during a 2015 interview, “what interesting things have happened?”

The team members disclosed the secret that V, the handsome man, occasionally sleepwalks.

Adding to that, Jimin candidly shared that V also talks while in sleep, and once he said about his urge to order ‘naengmyeon” (Korean cold noodles) when he was deep in sleep. In fact, many times V would just try to wake up J-Hope while he himself was sleeping and ask him to order ‘naengmyeon”. As a matter of fact, V himself didn’t know that he had been doing all of these unconsciously.

And the talking is just murmuring he is actually loud and clear. Moreover, he also has a peculiar chewing habit and makes unwanted noises when sound asleep. He has also been seen making grinding noises with his teeth which doesn’t sound very healthy.

So, this made fans worried that Taehyung aka V might have a sleeping disorder. However, that is not the case. Taehyung has not been clinically diagnosed with a sleeping disorder and sleepwalking is one of the most common issues. This doesn’t indicate that Tae has a sleeping disorder at all. It is a pretty known sleeping problem that millions of people are detected with and this is totally harmless. Tae is completely fine and if he is under proper medical assistance, this issue can get better with time. Besides, Tae and his bandmates have never announced that he has ever had issues with sleep. Thus, we can vouch that Tae doesn’t have any sleeping disorder.

Does Kim Taehyung Have Insomnia?

It is confirmed that Taehyung doesn’t suffer from a mild or severe sleeping disorder, but he may have other sleeping issues that are not good for his health. It is suspected that Tae has insomnia because when he tries to sleep, he is anxious and nervous which delays his sleeping schedule. In fact, his busy schedule also forces him to devote time to other activities and that does impact his sleep cycle. Again, the news about his insomnia is just an assumption of his fans which they have derived after studying his sleeping pattern.

Taehyung Sleeping Disorder
Taehyung Sleeping Disorder

But contrary to that, the bandmates said that Tae can even sleep with his eyes wide open when he is super tired. So, if he had suffered from insomnia, he couldn’t have dozed off so easily.

Thus, it is safe to say that Tae might have small sleeping habits and issues but that does not state something else. Taehyung definitely doesn’t have a sleeping disorder. It is the hectic lifestyle that changed his sleeping pattern and with time, it can improve. So, “Army”, you have got nothing to worry about since your K-pop icons are healthy and doing great in life, all thanks to your constant support. 

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