Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant? Who Is Her Husband and Children?

Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant? Barrett made the announcement and disclosed the gender of the baby in a social media post on Mother’s Day (May 8).  She wrote, “My son,” with a blue love emoji, in the post’s caption. Another chance to love and enjoy life,” the singer concluded. To all the mothers out there, best wishes on this special day! The singer didn’t reveal the baby’s due date or suggest a name, but she did post a sonogram video showing her unborn son in profile.

Foehner also announced the news on social media, where he paid tribute to his wife’s country stardom on Mother’s Day. He wished his wife, whom he described as “wonderful, strong, and productive,” a Happy Mother’s Day. She is currently nurturing a new human being created in God’s image. A boy who will carry on our family name. This husband also sings her praises, and someday our children will join them in proclaiming her blessed.

Barrett and Foehner, who met during their time as American Idol contestants, tied the knot in October of this year. They have a daughter, Baylah May, who was born in January of 2021. Barrett grew up in a large family, and she and her husband have always said they wanted several children of their own. The music video for the country star’s latest single, “Pick Me Up,” focuses on her real-life romance. In the video, Foehner plays the role of Barrett’s long-term girlfriend throughout her life.

Did Gabby and Cade Have a Baby?

On Sunday, May 8th, in honor of Mother’s Day, Gabby Barrett made a very special announcement to her devoted following. “My son”. The singer announced the pregnancy of her second child with husband and fellow American Idol finalist Cade Foehner on Instagram accompanying an ultrasound. She’s carrying another beautiful human being fashioned in God’s image right now. A boy who will carry on our family name.

This husband also sings her praises, and one day our children will stand and declare her blessed. Verse 28 of Proverbs. “Glory to God, from whom are all benefits!” Barrett, age 22, and Foehner, age 25, tied the knot in October 2019 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Baylah May, on January 18, 2021. On Idol season 16, they were both contestants, with Foehner being removed in the top five and Barrett coming in third.

Barrett made her comeback to American Idol as a coach for the current season last month. She’ll be opening for Jason Aldean on his Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour this summer, and she’ll also be joining Brooks & Dunn on their first arena tour in almost a decade for a few select dates.

Are Gabby and Cade Still Married?

This week, Gabby Barrett premiered the music video for her song “Pick Me Up,” a mini-movie that recounts a love story that began in 1962. Barrett plays a high school student who hops into the shotgun seat of her boyfriend’s pickup for a joyride. Many viewers may identify the driver as Barrett’s husband, Cade Foehner, whom she met during her time as a competitor on American Idol. In the next scene, we jump ahead to 1978 and see the same couple, now married and raising a small daughter.

Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant
Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant

That Barrett and Foehner have a 1-year-old daughter called Baylah May is another homage to their real-life romance. Foehner turns on the radio and leads Barrett in a dance around the living room, even though there are “past due” bills on the table. Their romance endures even in the present day.

Barrett becomes an elderly woman in a nursing facility towards the end of the film, but Foehner, who has also aged up using makeup, visits her with flowers. Barrett’s newest single, “Pick Me Up,” is one of four new tracks she released in the deluxe edition of her “Goldmine” album in late 2021.

Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant?

The American country singer Gabby Barrett is rumored to be expecting her second kid. Her first child was born in January 2021. There have been rumors that Gabby is pregnant again. The reason for this is that the I Hope singer and her husband Cade attended the ACM Awards. It was widely speculated that her long, white outfit was a pregnancy disguise.

Followers flocked to her Instagram to give feedback on her most recent photos. The comment “I spy a baby bump!” was made. another responded, “I noticed it too, multiple times throughout the show.” Someone else chimed in, “Perhaps she’s trying to hide a baby belly? However, public records show that the singer is not pregnant and has no plans to have a kid in March 2022. So yet, she hasn’t confirmed or denied rumors that she’s expecting. Until she announces otherwise, we should assume Gabby is not pregnant.

Gabby Barrett Children

The 22-year-old mother captioned a cute photo of her newborn daughter’s birth with, “Got to spend a very sweet week with our newest addition.” She then revealed that their daughter’s name is Baylah May Foehner and that she was born on January 18, 2021, tagging her husband, Cade Foehner, in the post. The newborn girl’s face has not been shown to the public by Gabby Barret and her husband.

Gabby frequently shares photos of her daughter with her face obscured. Barrett recently defended her decision to hide her daughter’s face in photographs, saying, “Please accept how we’ve decided to safeguard our child.” We are confident that the pair will share a photo of themselves with their daughter when the moment is right and they feel comfortable doing so.

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