Is Willie Nelson Sick? What is His Health Status in 2022?

In the world of music, Willie Nelson is unquestionably a legend. Nelson, who was born on April 29, 1933, released his first album, No Place For Me, in 1956. After that, his career took off and he eventually won ten Grammys and was nominated for an astounding fifty-two. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993 and he was given the Kennedy Center Honors five years later.

Yet in recent years, Nelson has been the subject of countless death hoaxes and bogus health concerns. It’s understandable that his devoted following would be concerned about him, given his advanced years. We investigated where this terrible rumor came from and how Willie Nelson is doing now to separate fact from fiction.

Several Fake Death Rumors Have Been Spread About Nelson

Although he remains alive and well, Nelson has been the focus of not one but multiple death hoaxes in recent years. Snopes claims that on February 21, 2015 a fake news site called falsely announced that the country music legend had died after being discovered comatose on the lawn of his Maui home by a groundskeeper.

This report went viral on social media, where it duped many people. The same outlet revised the hoax piece on April 11 of the same year, setting off the second round of death rumors. These rumors, of course, were absolutely incorrect.

Chicago’s WLS-AM set off another death rumor via social media on August 3, 2017. After further investigation, the radio station admitted that they had been duped by a hoax and that the rumors were, thankfully, false. Buddy Cannon, a close friend of Nelson’s and a co-writer on several of his songs, told, “[Willie] and I laugh about. What can you do? People just say stuff.”

Nelson, being the legendary figure that he is, did much more than simply laugh off the rumors of his demise. Mocking these accusations, he and Cannon co-wrote “Still Not Dead,” which appeared on his album God’s Problem Child. Despite unsubstantiated rumors to the contrary, Nelson also created a satirical music video to accompany the song.

What is Willie Nelson’s Health Situation in 2022?

Nelson has had a couple of close calls with his health but has pulled through. His lung collapsed while swimming in Maui in 1981 and in 2012, he postponed a gig in Denver claiming “problems due to the high altitude and emphysema.”

He had given up tobacco after experiencing two or three bouts of pneumonia, the longtime cannabis and tobacco smoker told NPR in 2012. In 2015, he underwent stem-cell treatment in an effort to better his lung function. However, in 2019, he had to cancel a summer tour due to a recurrence of his lung difficulties.

What is Willie Nelson Health Situation in 2022?
What is Willie Nelson Health Situation in 2022?

He took to Twitter to break the news of the tour’s cancellation. Later that year, he announced on KSAT in San Antonio that he had kicked the habit. “I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past, so breathing is a little more difficult these days and I have to be careful,” said Wilson. “I don’t smoke anymore—take better care of myself.”

Wilson has appeared to be in fine form ever since. Prior to beginning his quarantine, he spent time with his loved ones. After getting the Covid vaccine in January 2021, he actively promoted its use among his followers.

Nelson Follows His Passions

Willie Nelson does not seem to have slowed down at all due to age or health issues. Nelson is still a strong supporter of marijuana legalization, despite the fact that he no longer partakes in the habit himself. He was a co-host at the 2021 Luck Summit, titled “Planting the Seed.”

To “destigmatize, educate and promote cannabis culture in an informative and entertaining way,” the four-day online festival set out to do just that. Educating the public that marijuana is not a dangerous substance is important, Nelson added. “Marijuana is a herb and a flower… If [God] put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?”


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Without a doubt, music remains Nelson’s first and foremost passion. He even keeps working with unorthodox musicians and blending genres. Together with Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ lead singer Karen O., he covered David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” in 2020’s October. The Frank Sinatra cover album That’s Life was published in February 2021, marking his 71st solo studio album.

Do We Still See Willie Nelson on Tour?

Nelson may now finally go back to performing live. His own son Lukas is encouraging him through social media to resume his travels. Nelson took phone calls from admirers and loved ones. His website claims he has performances booked all the way into 2022.

I’m thrilled to learn that he made it through the dark years of 2020 and 2021. We also like that he’s still the same free-spirited musician that won over listeners in the ’70s. While he is still with us, let’s all take a moment to remember and honor Nelson. There will never be another man who can match his impact on history and society.

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