Spencer Grammer Was Asked To Leave Rick And Morty, And She Got The Perfect Response!

Spencer Grammer Was Asked To Leave Rick And Morty: Spencer Grammer, the famous “Frasier” actor Kelsey Grammer’s daughter, has worked on several movies and television shows over the years, but she is undoubtedly most known for providing the voice of Summer Smith in “Rick and Morty.” Summer is Rick Sanchez’s granddaughter and Morty Smith’s older sister. She was just your normal American teen when we first met her in Season 1—obsessed with her status and preoccupied with high school drama all the time.

However, as the show has gone on, Summer has begun to resemble some of her grandfather’s more narcissistic and sociopathic traits, killing several aliens without showing any remorse and violently taunting her father, Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell), with the same savagery as Rick himself. Summer has evolved into one of the most complex (and consistently amusing) characters on the show by the time it reaches its eagerly awaited sixth season, and she will undoubtedly play a crucial role in it for many years to come.

Given how crucial Summer is to “Rick and Morty” as a whole, some viewers might be surprised to learn that Spencer Grammer was previously requested to leave the show to take on another role.

Grammer’s Response Seems Like A Line From Summer Smith Herself

Spencer Grammer stated during a roundtable discussion with Screen Rant and CBR that she once received the news that she would have to leave “Rick and Morty” to work on another series. Spencer answered with a candor that would have made Summer Smith proud. The actor said, “Go f*** yourselves, this is the only thing I like.

Spencer Grammer Was Asked To Leave Rick And Morty
Spencer Grammer Was Asked To Leave Rick And Morty

I was in a scenario where I had done another program and they were like, ‘Sorry, you’re going to have to quit this,'” “Even if I don’t make any money from this program, I don’t care. Each time I read a script for this show, I get a thrill.” Grammer continued by expressing her admiration for “Rick and Morty” and asserting that she would sooner work in an office than have to say goodbye to the show.

The most striking aspect of Grammer’s direct answer to this circumstance is how closely it resembles Summer’s honest demeanor throughout the series. Summer Smith might have used a few more expletives here and there, but it’s quite simple to picture her reacting the same way Grammer did if she had been asked to leave something she enjoyed.

In any event, Grammer’s direct response is ideal since it captures her intense love for the show while maintaining the no-nonsense demeanor of her persona.

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