Was Freddie Mercury Gay? Why He Never Revealed His S*xuality?

Was Freddie Mercury Gay? AlthoughFreddie Mercury never outright admitted to being gay in public, he wasn’t acting to protect himself. In a new interview, the man by the Queen star’s side for the last ten years of his life says, “Freddie never hid who he was, but he had an important reason.”

Thirty years ago, Freddie passed away. He had announced to the public just two days earlier that he was fighting HIV and AIDS. He never mentioned being gay even back then. The frontman for Queen was one of the greatest entertainers and a natural showman, but he was also intensely private and, according to those who knew him well, profoundly bashful. However, he had to contend with ongoing public rumors about his s*xuality throughout his lengthy and incredibly well-known career, as well as heartbreak and even a heartbreaking betrayal in his private life.

Longtime personal friend and assistant to the celebrity, Peter Freestone, said: “When Freddie was alive, he didn’t talk about his private life. He never hid. He never went out in disguise. When he left Garden Lodge, he accepted he was public property. The nearest to a disguise was dark glasses when he went shopping. When he went to bars, he was just himself.” “He was not ashamed of anything he did or anywhere he went. That was just Freddie.” So why did he guard his s*xuality against the public eye if he wasn’t ashamed?

Was Freddie Mercury Gay
Was Freddie Mercury, Gay

In a recent video, Peter says that Freddie first acknowledged and later acted on his interest in guys in the middle of the 1970s. Even after LGBT rights and visibility improved in the 1980s, it was still extremely difficult for celebrities. Then, of course, AIDS happened and, in the perspective of many, tainted the gay community.

Freddie remained silent, but not so that he could defend himself. Peter says: “The reason he never spoke about himself was that immediately he made any statement to the press, it would reflect on the band. Freddie never wanted anything to take away from the image of Queen.”

Peter makes comparisons even to the most recent Olympic Games, where Tom Daley’s s*xuality was frequently brought up in the media. Peter continued: “Freddie anticipated that would happen as soon as it was made public. That is what he didn’t want, which is why he remained silent at the time.”

Naturally, he never concealed his s*xuality or told a falsehood in public while living his life privately. Like so many other interview issues, he quickly and wittily sidestepped personal confessions. Famously asked once if he was gay, he replied, “As a daffodil, dear.” Costume designer Diana Moseley said: “You didn’t have to ask Freddie if he was gay, he just was. He was just himself and happy and proud to be himself.”

However, the star was incredibly bashful and delicate. He reportedly said:  “I feel I’m walking around with scars all over the place and I just think I couldn’t take another scar.  I get hurt, but I try not to make too much of a show of it.  I’m not a person to hold a grudge.”  I just let it go.  It’s not worth it.  I’ve been let down many times, but I just grit my teeth, bite my tongue and say, “F**k ’em!”

Paul Prenter, Freddie’s former manager and close friend, is infamous for having deceived him. Paul was the one who first exposed the celebrity to the LGBT community in the 1970s and encouraged him to “not be ashamed” of who he was. Nevertheless, Freddie dismissed him in 1986, and the following year Paul sold a tell-all exposé to The Sun that detailed Freddie’s debauched lifestyle and his hundreds of men-sleeping affairs.

Freddie was inconsolable. For him, trust was of utmost importance. Peter, however, describes how the celebrity handled slander and treachery. He said: “Freddie was my employer, Freddie was my friend. Freddie was also my teacher. Amongst the many, many lessons he taught me was that people are gonna do whatever they want. You just let them get on with it. As long as you know the truth, you know the facts, what does it matter?”

Peter further disclosed that there is just one manner in which he still prefers to think of his friend: “For me, it represents Freddie smiling and having fun. Although it has been 30 years since he has been gone, we must never forget what he provided every one of us. Because I was fortunate enough to be there, I can recall a lot more details. But for every one of you out there, just consider the music, the things he made, and the joy he brought to so many throughout the years.”

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