Is Maneskin Gay? What Is His S*xuality And Dating Life?

Maneskin is a glam rock band from Rome, Italy, that came together in 2016. Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis on bass, Thomas Raggi on guitar, and Ethan Torchio on drums make up the band. After beginning as street performers, they eventually made it to the finals of the eleventh season of the Italian talent competition X Factor in 2017, where they placed second. The foursome gained widespread recognition after their song “Zitti e buoni” won Italy the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021.

Maneskin Early Life

David entered this world on January 8, 1999, in the Eternal City of Rome. Both his mom and dad are flight attendants; their names are Daniele David and Rosa Scognamiglio. David and his older brother were able to see the world at a young age thanks to the careers of their parents.

David began singing in public when he was only six. It was during his time in high school that he met Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi, both of whom would later become close friends. They would go on to create the band Maneskin. In his younger years, basketball was another one of his passions. Up until he was 17 years old, he was the point guard for the Eurobasket Roma basketball team. He attributes his success in other aspects of life to the self-discipline he honed via basketball.

Is Maneskin Gay
Is Maneskin Gay

Maneskin Career

David dropped out of Rome’s Liceo linguistico Eugenio Montale in his senior year to focus on music. Thankfully, his parents approved of his decision. At first, David’s audition for Maneskin was turned down because his performance style was deemed too pop. He persisted, though, and was finally welcomed into the group’s ranks.

The name of the band, which translates to “moonlight” in Danish, was chosen as an homage to the Danish roots of band member Victoria De Angelis. In 2016, the band got its start by busking in the city’s streets. When they tried out for the Italian incarnation of “X Factor” the following year, they shot to fame.

They were the people’s choice and ended up in second place. The band’s breakthrough debut studio album, “Il Ballo Della vita,” was released in 2018. They continued their tour throughout much of 2018 and into 2019. In 2021, they dropped “Teatro d’ira: Vol. I,” their second studio album.

Maneskin took part in Italy’s Sanremo Music Festival televised singing competition in March of 2021. They ended up taking first place. Having won in May of 2021, Maneskin went on to represent Italy in the 65th annual Eurovision Song Contest. They battled it out against competitors from 38 different countries before emerging triumphant with their song “Ziti e buoni.”

Nonetheless, the tournament was not without controversy. During the live broadcast of the final, David was spotted leaning over a table in the green room. Some of his followers saw this as evidence that he was sniffing cocaine, despite the fact that no narcotics could be seen in the footage. When confronted with these claims subsequently, the band members all rejected them.

They later announced on social media that they were willing to undergo drug testing because they were anti-drug. Once David’s drug test came back negative and the tape was reviewed, the European Broadcasting Union issued a statement indicating there was no drug use in the green room.

Is Maneskin Gay
Is Maneskin Gay

David reiterated his anti-drug stance in an interview with Vogue Italia, where he also said that the band’s inspiration originates from its members’ sober and clear minds. David provided the voice of a character in the 2021 film “Cruella,” and he also recorded a cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges.

David’s elegance and magnetic personality have won him many fans. It has been suggested that Maneskin might not have achieved the same level of success without David’s distinctive style and vocal skills. David was hailed as a natural performer in the spotlight on the 2017 season of “X Factor.”

His dynamic vocal technique allows him to perform in a variety of musical styles. His performance attire is often androgynous, fusing 1970s glam rock, vintage clothing, and hippie aesthetics. Because of this, he is now considered a style icon in Italy.

Maneskin Personal Life

David has been dating the Italian model and social media star Giorgia Soleri since 2019. He speaks English, French, and Spanish to a basic level. He is outspoken in his support for LGBTQ people and his condemnation of racism. David has a hip tattoo of wings and a quotation from Icarus that reflects his love of Greek mythology. His online handles often make allusions to characters from Greek mythology. David is a passionate supporter of the A.S. Roma football team.

Is Maneskin Gay?

No, Damiano David is not gay. In addition to this, there has been speculation over whether or not he is gay. Giorgia Soleri, the singer’s rumored girlfriend, is the subject of scant information. It would appear that Giorgia Soleri has found her way into the rock star’s heart by virtue of her career as a model and her status as an influencer.

Maneskin Girlfriend- Is He Dating?

Giorgia Soleri has been Damiano David’s girlfriend for some time now. The two have been in a relationship. Giorgia Soleri is the name of the woman, and she has been associated with Damiano David for the past four years. In addition to what Damiano saw in a romantic connection with his fellow bandmate Victoria De Angelis, who played the bass guitar in the band.

Is Maneskin Gay
Is Maneskin Gay

As a result of the widespread dissemination of these rumors, the two refused to address any inquiries about their personal lives. On the other hand, the post that the artist published today disproves all of the rumors that have been going around about him.


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