Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? A Bittersweet Time! Truth or Are Just Fake Reports?

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? In May 2021, to the surprise of her admirers, ARIANA GRANDE secretly married Dalton GOMEZ. A lot of people think the newlyweds are expecting a child, and they want to know the reality.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

The pregnancy of American singer Ariana Grande is currently all over the media. Fans of Ariana Grande, meantime, are clamoring for confirmation of this report. She shocked her followers by getting married behind their backs, as actress/singer Ariana Grande. In early 2022, it became widely circulated that Ariana, then 28 years old, was expecting her first child. The speculation began when a photo of Ariana leaked online showing her with a noticeable baby bump.

Since then, reports have surfaced that the Ariana viral photos were doctored. There is no way Ariana could have appeared in those photos. By 2018, the actress had admitted, “People want to see me pregnant.” There is no truth to the rumor that Ariana is pregnant. Ariana’s body has made her a global star. The actress’s stunning appearance is highly regarded by her devoted fan base.

We can confirm that real estate agent Dalton Gomez is Ariana’s spouse; the couple discreetly tied the knot in May of 2021. Gomes popped the question to Ariana in the upcoming year’s January. They began dating the next year and eventually tied the knot in 2021.

Who Is Dalton Gomez?

Gomez, who was born on August 7, 1995, works as a real estate agent. His Instagram profile states that he is employed for the Aaron Kirman Group, a prestigious real estate agency in California. But despite being married to a famous person, Gomez keeps a low profile online. While his wife’s Instagram account has over 292 million followers and more than 4,900 photos, his account has only one post and fewer than 4,200 followers.

When Did The Two Start Dating?

There were reports that they were dating at the start of 2020, but Grande didn’t confirm it until May. She revealed her new relationship in the music video for “Stuck With U,” which featured the two of them dancing and kissing in her bedroom. Five months after announcing their engagement in December 2020, Ariana Grande tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend at her home in Montecito, California.

There was no big ceremony, and only a select few were invited. Previous to their 2018 split, Grande was engaged on Saturday Night Live to comedian Pete Davidson.

No News Of Ariana Grande Being Pregnant

There were rumors that Ariana Grande had posted the photo to Instagram, but that she had since deleted it. Ariana Grande’s pregnancy polaroid has a handwritten heart superimposed over it. Users of the internet will likely spread the photo since they will not suspect that it is fake because of how real it appears. In contrast, this trend did not appear suddenly.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?
Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

For quite some time, fans of Ariana Grande have been posting photos and videos depicting what the singer “ultimately” looks like while pregnant. It is safe to assume that the 28-year-old woman is not now carrying a child unless she publicly announces that she is pregnant.

The Ariana Grande Pregnancy Rumor

Views on the speculations surrounding Ariana Grande were divided on social media. Some people believed the posts while others could see right through them; others were on the fence about whether or not to trust the source.

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