Is Serena Williams Retiring? Some Shocking News Revealed!

Is Serena Williams Retiring? Serena Williams is clear on her goals for the future. The 40-year-old, 23-time Grand Slam champion is featured on the cover of TIME’s most recent edition, where she talks about how her priorities have changed and how that has affected her choice to leave the sport after more than 27 years.

She acknowledged that her daughter Olympia, who will turn 5 this week, responded to her decision to leave the sport with a “fist-pumping “Yes!” The remark, according to Williams, “sort of makes me sad.” It’s challenging to engage when your flesh and blood are expressing “Aw,” she says.

She claims that there is “no anger,” noting how her desire to expand her family is causing “this evolution” and how male athletes are not experiencing the same things. Williams declares, “I’m ready for the change,” adding, “I think I’m okay at being a mom, but I want to investigate if I can be great at it.”

Olympia’s desire for a sibling has been publicly acknowledged by Williams. Williams describes her childhood by saying, “I can’t fathom my life without my sisters.” She explains, “When I look at Olympia, I am not doing my best by not trying harder to give her that sibling. There is nothing better than coming from a large family of five.

Is Serena Williams Retiring?
Is Serena Williams Retiring?

As Olympia blew on a dandelion earlier this month, the founder of Serena Ventures overheard her wish for a baby sister and related incident. This is what she says she has to cope with every day. The tennis star claimed that she and her 4 12-year-old daughters share all of the same interests, except the court, during a panel discussion for “A Conversation with Champions” before the U.S. Open at the Lotte New York Palace hotel in New York City.

At the forum moderated by Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer of the Today show, Williams stated, “She’s my little buddy.” “We work together on everything. She enjoys everything I do, except tennis, so we get to go on dates, which is awesome.”

“She’s a lot of fun. She has a lot of my personality, so it’s wonderful to have her around right now so she can witness what I do every day “Williams went on to talk about the child she and her husband Alexis Ohanian have.

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