Last Member of Indigenous Brazilian Tribe Dies After Avoiding Contact Dor Decades

According to the Brazilian government’s National Indian Foundation, an Indigenous man known only as “The Man of the Hole” has passed away after avoiding touch with the outside world for years. The Tanaru Indigenous Territory in the western Amazon only had a man as a resident. The Native man’s death was initially reported by the government on Saturday.

The organization claimed in a note written in Portuguese that he had been living alone for at least 26 years and was the sole survivor of his village. They said that they didn’t know his ethnicity. On August 23, during a round of monitoring and territory surveillance, agency employees discovered his death inside a hammock inside his hut, they claimed, adding that there were no signs of any other individuals, violence, or conflict there.

They assert that a medical examiner will determine the reason for his death, but they feel it was caused by natural causes. “The Man of the Hole” was one of the few survivors of a string of assaults against his tribe that began in the 1970s, claims indigenous rights group Survival International. He has avoided interacting with strangers since those attacks, and his moniker was given to him after he developed a reputation for digging large holes in Timaru.

He was subjected to horrific brutality in which everyone close to him died, according to a tweet from Survival International. His death signals the end of the genocide against his people.

Last Member of Indigenous Brazilian Tribe Dies After Avoiding Contact Dor Decades
Last Member of Indigenous Brazilian Tribe Dies After Avoiding Contact Dor Decades

His domain is located in one of Brazil’s most violent states, the agency claimed, and is a “tiny island of woodland in a sea of large cow farms.” Fiona Watson, research and advocacy director for Survival International, said in a statement that “no one outside of his tribe knew this man’s name or even very much about his tribe – and with his death the extermination of his people is complete.” Because cattle ranchers seeking land and profit intentionally wiped out an entire tribe, this was a genocide.

The Native American, according to her, “symbolized both the awful violence and cruelty imposed on Indigenous peoples worldwide in the service of colonization and profit,” she continued. She added that he also represented the tribes’ resistance. He refused all attempts at communication and made it apparent that all he wanted was to be left alone.

We can only picture the atrocities he had seen in his life and the loneliness of his existence after the rest of his tribe was wiped off. After the guy passed away, a Brazilian organization that promotes Indigenous rights appealed for the closure of the Indigenous territory, at least until specialists could perform archaeological and anthropological research there. To “remind everyone of the tragedy of the Indigenous genocide – so that it never happens again,” they have also asked that the property be kept as a memorial.

Human Rights Watch stated earlier this month that President Jair Bolsonaro had “undermined the government agency tasked with defending” Indigenous rights. The Brazilian government has come under scrutiny for its treatment of Indigenous peoples. The international group added that Bolsonaro’s administration has reduced environmental protection, increasing the vulnerability of Indigenous territories.

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