Seth Rollins Gets Personal With Matt Riddle, Mentions Divorce on WWE Raw

On last night’s episode of WWE Raw, the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle reached a new level of animosity when Rollins got extremely personal with his opponent Matt Riddle ahead of their match at Clash at the Castle on September 3, which prompted an angry response from the babyface.

Riddle and Rollins participated in a split-screen interview as the culmination of the preceding portion of the buildup to their match at the premium live event held in Cardiff, Wales. After a few minutes of the two parties tossing barbs back and forth, things were proceeding in a fairly straightforward manner, then, Riddle made the critical error of bringing in their families during this exchange.

The former UFC fighter made a joke about Becky Lynch being Seth’s lone male companion in his married life. Rollins’ nuclear response to Riddle consisted of his claim that he was unable to discuss Matt’s family since his own wife had divorced him, taken their children, and moved away.

Seth Rollins Gets Personal With Matt Riddle Mentions his Divorce
Seth Rollins Gets Personal With Matt Riddle Mentions his Divorce

They have reached the point when “they don’t want to see your b*tch ass anymore.” Riddle became enraged and demanded to know the whereabouts of Rollins. He then walked away from the confrontation after saying, “I’m not going to beat you up, I’m going to f*ck you up.” Because of that final line, the announcer, Jimmy Smith, had no choice but to apologize for the language he used.

Even though WWE has not officially assigned a stipulation to the Riddle vs. Rollins match, this promo guarantees that it will be among the most exciting things to happen at Clash at the Castle.

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