Sidney Sweeney Reacts To Mother’s ‘Hoedown 60th Birthday Party

After pictures of the attendees from her mother’s hoedown-themed 60th birthday party went viral, Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is responding to criticism. The actress first posted a carousel of images from her family’s celebration on Instagram on August 27 with the description, “no better way to celebrate my mommy than a surprise hoedown.”

Pictures of Sweeney and her mother riding a mechanical bull, line dancing, and posing next to a cake with a western theme were included in the post.

Sidney Sweeney Reacts To Mother's 'Hoedown 60th Birthday Party
Sidney Sweeney Reacts To Mother’s ‘Hoedown 60th Birthday Party

Photos from the event went viral over the weekend, though, after two guests were spotted donning red hats that appeared to be from President Donald Trump’s campaign but were later revealed to read “Make Sixty Great Again.” Additionally, Sweeney posted a picture of a visitor wearing a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt.

Sweeney disputed on social media that her mother’s birthday celebration was intended to make any kind of political statement. Writes the actress, “Guys, this is crazy. The idea was not to convert the celebration of my mother’s milestone 60th birthday into a ridiculous political statement. Please refrain from assuming anything.”

Sweeney was raised in Idaho and Washington State before becoming successful in Hollywood. In 2020, the White Lotus actress, who has never made her political preferences known in public, expressed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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