Who Is Bobby Flay Married To? Is He Getting Married Again?

Chef Bobby Flay is one of the top names in the food industry and a popular restaurateur who gained worldwide fame after he launched his career on the Food Network in 1995. The celebrity chef who has been a face of top shows like “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” “Beat Bobby Flay,” and “Iron Chef America” drew attention with his amazing skills. But when he laid the foundation of the very first restaurant, Mesa Grill, we knew that there is something to look out for in this master chef. 

 Bobby once shared on his website, “Food is the epicentre of my life,” “It’s the way I make my living, the way I express myself, and how I keep healthy. I communicate with the world through food.”

Though Bobby is successful in his professional life, his personal life is nothing less than a mess. After spending decades in the kitchen, it is rumoured that the celebrity chef is again planning to get hitched to his latest girlfriend. Why again? Well, Bobby has been married thrice in his lifetime and so, a fourth marriage may come as a shock to many. So, here is a look at who Bobby Flay married before exchanging vows with his latest flings.

Debra Ponzek, Bobby Flay’s First Wife

 Debra Ponzek was a chef herself who shared her passion for culinary arts with Bobby. As a matter of fact, Debra was initially an engineering student who studied at Boston University but soon realized that her love for food surpasses her interest in building machinery. After dropping out of the former college, she enrolled herself at the Culinary University of America and graduated in 1984. Her graduation year is the same year that Bobby passed from the French Culinary Institute in New York City.

Debra Ponzek
Debra Ponzek

The couple first met each other in 1990 when Flay worked at the Miracle Grill in New York City. In fact, the couple never confirmed their engagement and married each other just a few weeks after they met. In 1991 May, they married each other at the Rainbow Room in New York City. Things were going as smoothly as a fairy-tale can be expected. When the James Beard Foundation nominated both Bobby and Debra for the category “Rising Star Chef” in 1992, Bobby actually wanted to withdraw from the race because he didn’t want to compete against his wife.

But keeping all the issues aside, Debra and Flay finally divorced in 1993 after spending two years of married life.

Kate Connelly, Bobby Flay’s Second Wife

When Kate first came to The Food Network as a guest on the popular “Robin Leach Talking Food” where Connelly was the co-host, the couple was instantly drawn to each other. Connelly was a chef and a single mother and after the couple met in 1994, again, Bobby rushed into marriage. They had a very low-key ceremony at the famed Spanish restaurant, Bolo by Bobby Flay. Next, the couple had a baby named Sophie Flay in 1996 but the love wasn’t there to keep the relationship alive. Thus, the couple separated after only three years, in 1998.

Even after the split, Sophie managed to have a wonderful relationship with his dad. Once Bobby said to Parade, “I have a very close relationship with Sophie,” “We share a very fruitful life together and it has always revolved around food because of what I do for a living, and her exposure to it, as well as her growing love of food in general.”

Stephanie March, Bobby Flay’s Third Wife

Stephanie is an actress you saw on top titles like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “30 Rock” and more. A friend had set them up for a blind date in 2000 at Nobu, in New York City. After rushing into marriage in his previous relationships, Bobby decided to wait longer. So, three years later he popped the question by kneeling down at an ice-skating rink at the Rockefeller Plaza and the couple was engaged.

However, this was a decade-long marriage but the couple called it quits in 2015 and got divorced. If rumours are to be believed, Bobby had an illicit relationship with a half-his-age assistant, Elyse Tirrell. It was also heard that Bobby was also involved with January Jones in 2010. This was a terrible divorce

Is Bobby Flay Marrying Christina Pérez?

After such a troublesome divorce, Flay fell in love with Christina Pérez who is a California-based writer. They publicly came out last November and while talking with ET, Bobby did share his plans of getting married to her. But the exact date is not confirmed as of now since they are happy with their current relationship status.

So, until then, we hope that Bobby and Christina stay together.

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