Who is LC Related to on “Claim to Fame”? Fans Want Her to Win

Kevin and Frankie Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will co-host an ABC variety show. Big Brother-style house with 12 contestants is the setting for the new 2022 series Claim to Fame. But they aren’t allowed to say who they are, so fans have to guess a lot about what they do. Twitter suggests that viewers of Claim to Fame already know who LC is.

Premiered on July 11th, the show can be seen on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET. So far, the show has gotten rid of Chuck Norris’ grandchild, Zendaya’s cousin and Laverne Cox’s twin. Let’s check out the LC hints and see what the audience is saying about the contestant’s true identity.

LC in Claim to Fame

Since her time on Claim to Fame, LC has just been herself. Fans are tweeting that she is their “favourite” and that they hope to see her in the finale because of her charming nature. Several fans of the show have tweeted their desire to see the Claim to Fame contestant and her castmate, Dominique, on Survivor.

LC lied about her famous relative being her father when she first started dropping ‘clues’ on the ABC show. On the other hand, she was honest when she said that one of her relatives was an Emmy winner. Some viewers of “Claim to Fame” may believe they are familiar with “LC.”

Fans of Claim to Fame have, of course spent the season guessing LC’s ancestry along with those of the other contestants. Some people connected Laurence Fishburne and LC, however that’s not the case. Dominique, another contestant, said that she thought LC was related to Forest Whitaker.

To Whom is LC Related?

Many of LC’s followers flocked to Twitter, first to speculate about who she might be linked to and then to express their disbelief that she is actually related to Keke Palmer. LC’s claim that her aunt was an Emmy Award winner was not a lie or a joke. Keke has an older sister named Loreal. Claim to Fame star LC may be found on Instagram @lorealchanelll with roughly 2K followers.

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