Blue Lock Chapter 186 Release Date: Will Isagi Take Revenge?

Manga lovers had a blast for the last two weeks. With so many exciting reveals and the latest updates, fans are totally trying to figure out what more is waiting on the way. “Blue Lock Chapter 186” is now in its most exciting state. Isagi’s rage is back on the front line. You definitely remember what Kunigami did to Isagi and of course, that did lead Isagi to be filled with anger as well as despair. However, this is not something that Neo wanted in life. So, what will be the fate of Kunigamu? Will Isagi take revenge? Or will the story be something else? 

One thing is for sure, Nagi will be taking charge of the center stage in order to prove his worth and come out strong just like any other plays that the Munich Bastards team consists of. However, Isagi is also involved in this since Nagi will try to come out triumphant over Isagi by ending up beating them in his own game. So, all the details are jotted here.

 “Blue Lock Chapter 186”: Will Isagi Take Revenge?

Before proceeding any further, let us reveal the good news waiting for the fans. As a matter of fact, the new chapter will feature a central panel that is beautifully lined with colors. Now coming back to the title of the much-hyped “Blue Lock Chapter 186,” you will be surprised. Guess what the name will be. Well, it is titled “Karma.” Fans may have already seen it coming after everything that happened to Isagi, now, it is time for him to seek revenge in any given way. 

Blue Lock Chapter 186
Blue Lock Chapter 186

Isagi has to make a goal for himself during the last few minutes of the match. In spite of that, the game may be already won by none other than the Bastard Munchen.

So, when the next chapter starts, we will see Isagi carrying out an inner dialogue with himself. The next scenes will be shifted towards Nagi who will be telling Reo about his desperate wish to win against Isagi. Isagi’s impact was high even if he couldn’t score any goal. He was definitely the talk of the match. And when the chapter concludes, we can see an “independent request” coming from Nagi.

What happened in “Blue Lock Chapter 185”?

A bit of recap is needed to brush up on what happened in the previous chapter so that you can connect it easily with “Blue Lock Chapter 186”. In Chapter 185, the readers are transported to a meta vision where Isagi will enter the realm with every might he has. Kurona kept following him and he was a cover. But when Isagi proceeded with his direct shot, he was confronted by Kunigami out of the blue. Then Kunigami scored a goal and ended up taking the Bastard Munchen in the lead.

Even Yoichi claimed that he couldn’t take this betrayal and may end up killing Kurona and Kunigami for their actions. Later we see Noel Noa wondering about Isagi’s reaction to the betrayal. Noel ended it by saying that “Isagi shouldn’t let anything break him right now”.

So, the storyline was built, and “Blue Lock Chapter 186” is the next one to unlock more information.

When Will “Blue Lock Chapter 186” Be Released?

“Blue Lock Chapter 186” is one of the crucial chapters so far. Fans are eagerly waiting to find out what more is coming in the way. You do not have to worry since there hasn’t been any announcement of a break that might lead to the push in the publication of the “Blue Lock Chapter 186”. So, “Blue Lock Chapter 186” is coming very soon, as soon as 1st September 2022. It is literally a few hours away from dropping on the site. A detailed read is needed to discover all the storyline’s hidden facets. 

Thus, waste no time and prepare yourself for “Blue Lock Chapter 186”. Who knows what interesting facts are there in the next chapter? But are you sure that Isagi will take revenge? We bet it is going to happen.

Stay tuned for more updates, Lee Daily.


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