Dragon Ball Super Black Frieza: Is He Really Stronger Than Jiren?

The manga of “Dragon Ball Super” is now on a break and we definitely wanted to see more of the fan-favourite villain of all-time, Black Frieza. But there is a question that is still bothering the fans. Will Black Freiza return? Yes, he will be coming back in the latest chapter. However, it will be quite different this time.

Do you remember that when “Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87” ended, Whis mentioned that Frieza is not strong enough to be the strongest warrior in Universe 7? As a matter of fact, high chances are there that it will be someone else. Fans did suspect that this could be just another trick that Whis is playing to ensure that Goku and Vegeta are on edge. However, the possibility of this is pretty slim. We know that Toriyama and Toyotarou would not plan such a child’s play if there wasn’t anything big planned for the future. 

Even if Frieze is or is not fulfilling the category of strongest warrior present in Universe 7, there are a lot of new questions that have been sparked post the latest events. So, what is the status of Frieza’s strength compared to any other warrior present in the other universe as well, most importantly, Jiren? Can we consider Freiza to be the strongest one?  We have the details below.

“Dragon Ball Super”: What Makes Black Frieza Stronger Compared To Jiren?

Frieza’s last entry in “Dragon Ball Super” was at the time when Broly was brought by him to take control of Goku and Vegeta. Broly ended up losing control and he fought mindlessly until and unless he took down Golden Frieza. This was an embarrassing incident for Frieza and he was nowhere to be seen in the series after that.

Dragon Ball Super Black Frieza
Dragon Ball Super Black Frieza

Fast forward to “Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87” we get to know that Frieza is now in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber where he is constantly training “for ten years’ worth of time”. It was all during his years of training that Frieze attained the Black Frieza form, which is an upgrade from the Golden Frieza form. Now Frieza is stronger than any of his versions even when you compare “to the current strongest forms of True Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, honed by Goku and Vegeta respectively”.

That is the reason why Goku was seen competing with equal tenacity against Jiren. Currently, Goku has also achieved True Ultra Instinct which is also much stronger and more effective.

Thus, if Black Frieza takes down True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta, then his sense will be considered more than Jiren’s. This will undoubtedly make him the strongest.

Can Jiren Fight Against Black Frieza?

Jiren was known to be the strongest member that Universe 11 has ever had. He was seen accompanying and fighting along with Pride Troopers in the Tournament of Power. Though the Tournament of Power had set certain rules that limited the powers of the fighters, Jiren outshone himself. But it is to be noted that Jiren couldn’t see his full true strength.

Now, there is a possibility that when Jiren returns to Universe 11, he may have gone through intense training to become stronger than Goku. He might be the strongest mortal ever but there can also be a desire to attain the goal of becoming the strongest person even.

However, it was rumoured that “both the aforementioned possibilities are plausible. Frieza seems to be Toriyama and Toyotarou’s go-to when it comes to constant threats, following suit all the way from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super. So Jiren’s chances of getting a power-up seem bleak.”

Thus, who knows what is up for the future? Maybe Black Frieza can become the strongest. Or is there some other twist to the whole narration? As the new chapters unfold, fans will get a detailed glimpse of what to expect in the future. If Black Frieza is hailed as the strongest, will there be a threat to other characters?  A lot of questions may be lingering in your mind and you just have to wait a little more to find the answers.

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