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Khloe Kardashian Welcomes Baby No. 2: She Speaks Out On Her Baby With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian Welcomes Baby No. 2

Khloe Kardashian Welcomes Baby No. 2

Khloe Kardashian now has two children! On August 5, the co-founder of “Good American” gave birth to her second child. Khloe Kardashian discussed her growing family after giving birth to her second kid by surrogate with Tristan Thompson. Watch what she said. Khloe Kardashian Welcomes Baby No. 2: She Speaks Out On Her Baby With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian will keep you updated on her expanding family. The Kardashians star and mother of 4-year-old daughter True Thompson addressed her most recent baby news in an interview with Elle three weeks after it became public knowledge that she had a kid with Tristan Thompson through a surrogate.

When asked how she’s doing “as a mom of two,” Khloe said, “I know it’s cliché, but I love everything, even the hard parts.” She told her kids “challenge me as a person,” so “being able to shape little people into really incredible big people is an honor and a gift.” Khloe went on: “Given how easily accessible children are today and how much information they are exposed to at an early age, we must take those duties seriously. Although it’s quite frightful, I take my job very seriously. I adore it a lot.”

Khloe came out about her new son with Tristan for the first time here. Tristan was the subject of a paternity suit last year, but tests later revealed that he was the father of Theo, an 8-month-old boy with Maralee Nichols. (Tristan is the father of Jordan Craig’s 5-year-old Prince.)

Khloe Kardashian Welcomes Baby No. 2

The Good American entrepreneur is keeping the pregnancy a secret, according to a source who previously spoke to E! News, “to safeguard surrogate privacy and safety and to protect her mental health from public judgment as a result of Tristan’s conduct.” Khloe was so secretive about her second child that not everyone in her inner circle was aware of it when the news first surfaced. As a result, the insider said, Khloe was “forced to confirm the pregnancy before she was ready to disclose” through a statement from her rep.

In a statement to E! News on June 13, a representative for Khloe said: “We can confirm True will have a sibling who was conceived in November. Khloe is incredibly grateful to the great surrogate for such a beautiful blessing. We want to ask for kindness and privacy so that Khloe can focus on her family.” The birth announcement came six months after Tristan publicly apologized to Khloe for having fathered Theo with Maralee, who had filed a lawsuit against the athlete for child-rearing expenses.

Khloe, you don’t deserve this, he commented on social media. “You don’t deserve the suffering and embarrassment I’ve put you through. The way I’ve treated you throughout the years is not something you deserve. My behavior hasn’t matched how I feel about you.”

How Has Khloe Kardashian Been Doing Since Giving Birth To Her Second Child

Khloe Kardashian is getting used to being a mom of two! A source tells ET that Khloe is thriving as a mother of two. She is undoubtedly still figuring out how her connection with Tristan works, but that will become clearer over time. Her main concern right now is her infant.

The birth of Khloe, 38, and Tristan Thompson, 31,’s second child, a son, through a surrogate, was announced by ET earlier this month. The source also notes that the couple is amicably co-parenting even though they are no longer together, and their boy was conceived before the news of Tristan’s son with Marlee Nichols.

The insider continues, “Things between Khloe and Tristan are mostly positive and amicable.” They face challenges but remain optimistic and confident that they can continue to co-parent successfully and provide their children with the best possible lives. True, their 4-year-old daughter is adjusting to being an older sister.

The insider continues, “True has been yearning to be a big sister and is enamored with her little brother, so this is a dream come true for her.” Khloe is prepared to resume dating, despite Tristan’s opposition. She stopped her secret engagement with an investment banker last month as well.

Khloe is open to dating, and since her breakup with the investment banker wasn’t messy or very serious, to begin with, it didn’t have a significant impact on her, according to the sources who spoke with ET. “Tristan is envious of Khloe’s relationships and wants to keep Khloe to himself, but he also wants to play the game and is aware that he cannot have it all.”

The founder of Good American claims that her current priority is to give her children the best upbringing possible. In a recent interview with Elle, The Kardashians star discussed her favorite aspect of being a mother. “I know it’s cliche, but even the challenging bits, I adore them. Being able to mold little people into truly great large people is a privilege and a gift, she told the journal. I [my kids] push me as a person,” she said.

We must take these responsibilities seriously, particularly given how easily accessible children are now and how much information they are exposed to at such a young age,  Added she. Although it’s pretty frightful, I take my job very seriously. I adore it a lot.

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