The September 2022 Xbox Games With Gold Lineup

Microsoft has announced the Xbox Games with Gold lineup for September 2022, which includes the cult classic Portal 2 and the action-adventure game Gods Will Fall. According to what was disclosed on Xbox Wire, the offers for the following month will feature some timeless titles, with Portal 2 serving as the highlight of the roster.

In addition, Gods Will Fall is featured, along with Double Kick Heroes and Thrillville, the theme park designer. In September, all members of the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services will have access to the four games that are part of the Games with Gold program.

Beginning on September 1, Gods Will Fall and Thrillville will serve as the opening acts for the new season. A dark fantasy action game called Gods Will Fall is now available for the Xbox Series X|S console. In this game, you take control of a band of Celtic warriors as they wage battle against the gods, facing up against monsters and deities in each of the gods’ realms.

Xbox Games With Gold september
Xbox Games With Gold september

You will only have access to Thrillville until September 15, but it will allow you to create your very own theme parks. Create everything from roller coasters and go-karts to miniature golf courses and everything in between. Always keep an eye on your customers and do what it takes to ensure their satisfaction if you want your theme park to remain profitable.

It was an original Xbox game and is now playable on Xbox One thanks to backward compatibility. A must for old-school gamers. The 16th of September will see the release of Double Kick Heroes as well as Portal 2 halfway through the month. Rock adventure On the Xbox Series X|S, the game Double Kick Heroes creates an entirely unique experience by combining elements of shoot ’em ups and rhythm games.

There are a total of thirty levels of insanity and metal… Therefore, grab your axe and get ready to rip some stuff to shreds. There is no need to provide an introduction for Portal 2 because it is a well-known sci-fi puzzle game in which the game’s mute protagonist faces off against the psychotic computer system known as GLaDOS.

You should definitely consider purchasing this one as it is an all-time classic, has hours of gameplay, and has a fantastic cooperative mode. In their review of Portal 2, IGN gave it a 9.5/10 and said: “The original Portal benefited from its shortness.

It combined a straightforward narrative with original first-person puzzle elements that forced you to think on your feet while you pulled the trigger, and it did so in an engaging way. Portal 2 makes the first game look more like the test version it was intended to be.

Xbox Games With Gold september
Xbox Games With Gold september

It features an extensive cast of characters that have been brilliantly written about and brought to life with some of the very greatest voice acting that can be found in video games. Its puzzles are tough without being ridiculous, and once you have completed the single-player campaign, one of the best cooperative experiences available on the market is waiting for you.”

Be careful to pick up Portal 2 before October 2022, when it was stated that Xbox Games With Gold would no longer include Xbox 360 games. The final offering in the Games with Gold programme for the Xbox 360 is a worthy contender thanks to the quality of this title.

Be sure to take a look at the upcoming games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass in the month of August. some new games are also added to the game pass the elder scroll and golden eye.

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