Björk Shares ‘Fossora’ Artwork, Release Date And Details About The Upcoming Album

Björk’s new album is a visionary artist whose album is set to release. She creates art with her creation and if she cannot connect with the art she is making, she aims to attain perfection unless her intended vision is derived. Her newest album “Fossora” is the work she is proud to share with her audience and the art behind it makes fans wonder how she came up with such a unique idea. So, brace yourselves as we have all the required information regarding Björk’s upcoming album.

What Is The Release Date of Björk’s Album “Fossora”?

Only a month’s wait and then you will get an extraordinary album coming from Björk after five long years. Yes, Björk’s album, “Fossora” is releasing after a 5-year long wait. It demonstrates a never-seen-before concept and idea that only artists like Björk can visualize. “Fossora” will be the 10th album of the celebrated singer. Fans have literally waited for long enough to get a glimpse of this highly anticipated film.

Björk’s last album was 2017’s “Utopia” and as this follow-up album is going to be her 10th album, she needed something different to show her art. So when will Björk’s “Fossora” be slated to release? Well, the album is going to be available for purchase from 30th September 2022. This is going to be an autumn release that will be dripping via One Little Independent Records. The pre-order link is now available and so, if you cannot wait any further, then order it now.

What Is The Album Inspired From?

Björk revealed that her new album has taken inspiration from the pandemic. The cover art of the album shows Björk sitting, rather than ruling a vibrant fungal underworld. This is an iconic cover that Vidar Logi has shot whereas the genius creative directors behind this are Björk and James Merry.

The artist wrote in her Instagram caption,

each album always starts with a feeling

that I try to shape into sound

this time around

the feeling was landing

( after my last album utopia, which was all island in the clouds, element air and no bass )

on the earth and digging my feet into the ground.”

“it was also woven into how I experienced the “now”. this time around 7 billion of us did it together nesting in our homes quarantining being long enough in one place that we shot down roots.”

These are a few lines the singer has shared through the caption. The artist got over 1 million likes in her post revealing the upcoming album.

Can You Preorder The Songs Now? What Songs Are There In The Album “Fossora”?

Well, Björk is slowly dropping all the songs and her first song, “Atopos” is available for pre-ordering. But what other songs are there? So, here is the list of all the songs:

Björk’s Album “Fossora”
Björk’s Album “Fossora”
  •     ‘Atopos’
  •     ‘Ovule’
  •     ‘Mycelia’
  •     ‘Sorrowful Soil’
  •     ‘Ancestress’
  •     ‘Fagurt Er í Fjörðum’
  •     ‘Victimhood’
  •     ‘Allow’
  •     ‘Fungal City’
  •     ‘Trölla-Gabba’
  •     ‘Freefall’
  •     ‘Fossora’
  •     ‘Her Mother’s House

 As a matter of fact, two of the songs on this album are very close to her heart. These are “Sorrowful Soil” and “Ancestress”. Björk mentioned that these songs are tributes to her mother,  Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir, whose sad demise was at the age of 72 in 2018. 

When Björk had an interview with The Guardian, she said, “I think me and my brother were not ready to … we thought she had 10 years left,” “So we were like: ‘Come on,’ and getting her to fight and … and it was like she had an inner clock in her and she was just ready to go.”

Apart from that, Björk also highlighted the fact that this album is meant for people who want to dance to the tunes of lively music

The songs are meant to vibe with the mood of the listeners. So, with “Fossora” and Björk’s amazing artwork, we are pretty sure that you will be transported to a different magical land where everything seems to be soothing. Are you waiting for the ultimate release of Björk’s “Fossora”? Then pre-order the album now and wait for 30th September.

Stay tuned for more updates, Lee Daily.


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