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Lee County Man Arrested for Entering Into Home, Stealing Roommate’s Hookah

Lee County Man Arrested

Lee County Man Arrested

Lee County law enforcement officials apprehended a man after he allegedly took a hookah from his roommate via a window in his bedroom. 19-year-old Tyler Wesley was taken into custody after his roommate, Monica, dialed 911 on a Saturday night.

From within Monica’s room, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) revealed security camera footage showing Wesley attempting to conceal the camera with a cloth before dropping it and fleeing away. Wesley’s childhood home was on Naure Pointe Loop in outlying Fort Myers, and this incident occurred there. His parents extended an invitation to Monica to move in with them at one point.

Amy Pacheco, Wesley’s mom, said, “She is the sister of one of my ex-friends.” “She paid rent for like two months and then just stopped.” That initial excitement has, to put it mildly, faded. Now, their once peaceful home is a source of stress and violence that regularly draws the attention of LCSO officers.

Wesley’s mother remarked, “She makes life like a living hades.” Therefore, according to Pacheco, Monica contacted emergency services after viewing the video. In a video provided by the LCSO, a deputy is heard telling Monica, “It’s not your fault, because you expect privacy for them not to go into your room.”

The sheriff’s office was informed by Monica that Wesley had taken a beautiful new Hookah from her room. Pacheco claims she has never seen it in her home, not even today. “For all I know, she could have it herself,” she said. “They haven’t found a hookah or anything else when they went through the house.”

Her spouse found out something more was missing while we were talking. As Pacheco put it, “my husband has a speaker that is pretty much his pride and joy.” In other words, this isn’t a little speaker. The woman claims she found the four-foot-tall monster in her son’s locked closet. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, it got to its feet and moved away.

“She’s the only one here, so,” Pacheco said.  On Wednesday night, deputies returned to the house to continue their investigation, although they did not speculate who might have stolen the item. “Physically it makes me sick,” she said.

Amy and her husband want Monica out of the house, but to have her leave, they will have to evict her formally. Tyler is not welcome at their home until she has left. “It’s hell,” Pacheco said. When Monica was offered an interview with NBC 2, she politely rejected.

Wesley is free on bond but has been charged with burglary and grand theft. For more such updates do follow us only on Lee Daily.

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