When Is National Video Games Day 2022? History Of National Video Games Day

Since it’s National Video Games Day on September 12, there’s no need to feel guilty about not even stepping outside on that day. Video games first appeared in about 1940, but today’s 18 billion dollar business continuously produces fresh kid-friendly favorites. All types of digital games, from classic Mario games to trending VR titles like “Beat Saber,” are included under the umbrella term “video game.” There will be something for everyone to play today, whether it’s an ancient arcade game or Fortnite, thanks to the enormous selection of video games. If spending the day alone doesn’t sound appealing, gather some friends for a multiplayer game! If you want to learn more about video games, follow these Top Video Game Journalists.

When Is National Video Games Day 2022?

The online gaming industry is honored on September 12, National Video Games Day.

History Of National Video Games Day

Nowadays, anyone can discover a video game that hooks them. Not only does it depend on the type of gameplay you prefer—is it fighting or strategy?—you can also have a special fondness for games from a particular era. While some enjoy retro arcade games, others are enthused by cutting-edge virtual reality.

Unexpectedly, research labs are where your favorite video game app in your pocket got its start. The first video games were developed in colleges like MIT and Cambridge University in the 1950s. These led to the creation of games like “Spacewar!” and virtual tic tac toe.

When Is National Video Games Day 2022
When Is National Video Games Day 2022

The “Father of Video Games” Ralph Baer’s first home console, released in 1967, was the source of inspiration for the popular Atari game “Pong.” A copyright infringement lawsuit existed, but the public embraced it when Atari debuted the Atari 2600. “Space Invaders” and “Donkey Kong” are two of the top video games of the next era. Sound familiar?

Nintendo, a Japanese business, debuted on the scene in 1983 following the collapse of the video game industry. Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid are three of the most well-known franchises ever created, and they are all the work of Nintendo. Sega emerged as a rival to Nintendo, pushing the market into the realm of 3D gaming.

With the release of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii in the early twenty-first century, the contemporary era of gaming officially began. Video game apps inundated the app stores after video game invasions of media platforms. Around the world, lucrative competitions for competitive gamers have started to emerge. Major video game console manufacturers are pursuing the exciting future of video gaming like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft: video games are becoming increasingly lifelike every day!

National Video Games Day Timeline

  • 1940
The debut of the Video Game

Edward Condon introduced the first video game, ‘Nim,’ at the World’s Fair.

  • 1977
The Ancestral Console

Atari’s first console, the Atari 2600, is released with games like “Frogger.”

  • 1989
Gaming on the Go

For the first time, gamers could travel with their consoles as Nintendo released the Game Boy in the summer.

  • 2010
Esports Explosion

Though video gaming has existed since the 90s, it has taken off since 2010, becoming a viable sport and a way to make money for many gamers.

National Video Games Day – Survey Results


Survey according to one of the top Market Research Agencies (Survey of 1,000 Americans)

What’s the best gaming console?
#1: Playstation (38%)
#2: Xbox (38%)
#3: Nintendo (21%)

What’s the best video game franchise?
#1: Super Mario (47%)
#2: Call of Duty (21%)
#3: Donkey Kong (19%)
#4: Grand Theft Auto (19%)
#5: Pokemon (16%)
#6: Zelda (13%)
#7: Sonic the Hedgehog (13%)
#8: Final Fantasy (9%)
#9: Halo (9%)
#10: Crash Bandicoot (7%)

How often do you play video games?
#1: every day (31%)
#2: Rarely (31%)
#3: 2-3x a week (23%)

When do mobile gamers like to play games on their phones?
#1: Whenever I’m bored (66%)
#2: When I’m watching TV (41%)
#3: Before I go to sleep (39%)
#4: When I’m on the toilet (34%)
#5: During my breaks at work (21%)
#6: Whenever I’m eating (20%)
#7: Before I leave for work (12%)
#8: On my commute to work (8%)

Traditions Of The Day

Video games have advanced significantly. Games’ emulation of virtual worlds offers a whole experience rather than just amusement and diversion. National Video Games Day celebrations are raucous because the plots and character development sometimes outpace those of Hollywood films.

Playing video games all day, whether by yourself or with companions, is the go-to tradition for the day. Digital festivities are at their height with gameplay streams on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, commentary, and video games played online with teammates worldwide. Multiplayer gaming has created valued and more vital friendships than some real-life relationships.

Another habit is to go old-school and play vintage video games at an arcade. Our admiration for new video games with better visuals and gameplay is developing due to the appeal and nostalgia of old games.

Some businesses today also make announcements and releases for video games. On websites like Steam, video games may be downloaded for free and at special discounts. The pricing of items and character enhancements inside video game stores are also cut.

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