How Did Michael Jackson Die? Cause Of The Death Of A Superstar

Like his life, Michael Jackson’s passing in 2009 dominated newscasts worldwide, with the repercussions continuing for years. Since publishing the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland last year, Michael Jackson has continued to make headlines more than ten years after his passing. The four-hour documentary examined the allegations of s*xual abuse against the artist by Wade Robson and James Safechuck. It generated a raging controversy across the globe.

Fierce criticism of Leaving Neverland came from some places, according to a statement from Michael Jackson’s estate, which said the movie “treats as fact uncorroborated charges that reportedly occurred 20 years ago.” Jackson was under the spotlight for the entirety of his life, with the controversies and health issues that enveloped him in later years replacing his early musical achievements. Consequently, the singer’s passing at the age of 50 dominated newscasts all over the world, with the repercussions persisting for years. Here is how it happened.

What Happened On The Day Of Michael Jackson’s Death?

On the evening of Wednesday, June 24, 2009, Michael Jackson had been practicing till the wee hours of the morning to get ready for a string of highly anticipated comeback performances at London’s O2 Arena after years away from the spotlight. Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, claims that he attended to the singer in the bedroom of his Los Angeles home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood after his return after 1:00 am.

Murray claimed that he gave Jackson several medicines over the following few hours to put the singer to sleep and that at one point, Jackson allegedly pleaded, “Just make me sleep, no matter what.” Many later confirmed the singer’s alleged decades-long addiction to painkillers, with accounts claiming that he referred to the medications as “milk.” At around noon, Murray claimed to have left the singer’s bedroom for two minutes before returning to see him in bed, not breathing.

How Did Michael Jackson Die
How Did Michael Jackson Die

Before asking for assistance, the doctor said he tried to resuscitate Jackson for five to ten minutes. He claimed that the lack of a landline and the fact that he didn’t know the exact address of the residence prevented him from using his mobile to dial 911 were obstacles. At 12.26 pm, paramedics finally arrived, five minutes after Jackson’s security had called 911 and, according to Murray’s attorney, around 30 minutes after the doctor had entered the bedroom.

Jackson was still not breathing when the paramedics discovered him, so they CPR on him for 42 minutes until he was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he arrived at 1.14 pm. According to varying sources, the musician may or may not have been still breathing when he left his house. He was declared dead at 2:26 pm on Thursday, June 25, after hospital staff members tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

What Happened In The Aftermath Of Michael Jackson’s Death?

“Our beloved son, brother, uncle, and father of three children has gone so unexpectedly, in such a horrible way and far too soon,” his family said in a statement following Jackson’s passing. His family and I are left almost wholly dumbfounded and horrified by it, making it difficult sometimes to communicate with anyone outside our immediate circle. LaToya Jackson, the singer, also said they would bring legal action against anyone they held accountably.

The day after Jackson passed away, a three-hour autopsy was conducted in the LA County Coroner’s office. It revealed that Jackson died due to a cocktail of medicines, with propofol and lorazepam being the main culprits. Other medications discovered in the pop star’s body included ephedrine, lidocaine, midazolam, and diazepam. Jackson’s family said they were “[looking] forward to the day that justice can be served” after the coroner determined that his death was a homicide. In February 2010, Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter. In September 2011, Murray went on trial for the killing of Jackson.

According to the artist’s defense team, the singer allegedly gave himself the deadly dose of propofol after the doctor left him in his bedroom on his death. But despite Jackson’s family’s quiet sobbing in the courtroom, he was convicted after a six-week trial and given a maximum term of four years in prison. Murray completed less than two years of his sentence before being released from a Los Angeles jail in October 2013, but his medical licenses were suspended or revoked.

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