Which Song Michael Jackson Last Recorded Before He Passed Away?

One of the most recognizable discographies of music ever released by a single artist in the business must be Michael Jackson’s. Jackson’s successes, including “Billie Jean,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” and “Rock With You,” were all Billboard chart-toppers and had an impact on music listeners all over the world. He consistently rated highly on lists by tastemakers like Rolling Stone for his albums and as an artist.

According to the music blog Live About, Jackson’s vocal abilities and stage presence were nearly unmatched during his career, garnering praise and honors, including 13 Grammys and 86 Billboard Awards. Jackson discussed the natural skill he had in his vocal performances, which he said came from a higher power, in a reprint of a 1980 interview by Blank on Blank.

“My singing… I’ll just say it plain as possible: It’s just godly,” Jackson remarked before adding, “I do it, and it occurs. I’m at a loss for words.” According to History, Jackson continued to write and record songs until his tragic death at 50 in 2009. He only left behind one last recording, a lovely piece that features his voice and has an uplifting message.

Best Of Joy Was Likely Michael Jackson’s Last Recording

According to Rolling Stone, Michael Jackson has distinguished himself as a talented musician in the industry since he cut his debut song, “Big Boy,” in 1967 while serving as the lead singer of The Jackson 5. He later recorded music and went on tour without his brothers Tito, Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine, the other members of the Jackson 5 band, and his star power continued to rise.

Which Song Did Michael Jackson Record Last, Before He Passed Away
Which Song Did Michael Jackson Record Last Before He Passed Away

A posthumous music collection titled “Michael” was released in 2010, even though Jackson’s final studio album released while he was still alive was “Invincible,” via AllMusic. Before his passing in 2009, Jackson had started writing and recording songs for the album. One song on this album, “Best of Joy,” may have been the last one that Jackson ever recorded, according to a 2017 report by Vulture.

I am your joy/Your best of entertainment/I am the moonlight/You are the spring/Our life’s a sacred thing/You know I always shall love you/I am forever, among other phrases, are among the lyrics from the song that Genius released. The song’s pleasant harmonies complement these sentimental lyrics. Jackson’s official website claims he was heavily engaged in the song’s production and performance.

Michael Jackson Wrote The Soulful Lyrics To Best Of Joy

The iconic song “Best of Joy,” which Vulture claims may have been the last song Michael Jackson ever recorded, was released a year after his untimely death on the posthumous album “Michael” in 2010.

Jackson’s official website lists him as the song’s lyricist, in addition to the fact that he sang “Best of Joy” and composed its heartfelt lyrics. The pop icon discussed his songwriting and recording process with journalist Martin Bashir for the 2003 documentary “Living With Michael Jackson.” At the time, Jackson remarked, “Nothing happens if I sit here and play some chords and declare, I’m going to write the best song I’ve ever written.” “Look, this is the time that this is going to be laid on you, and this is when I want you to have it,” something in the sky must be saying.

On Jackson’s “Best of Joy” page, there is a moving comment about his song’s legacy. “Michael Jackson’s Joy is Forever,” the description concludes, “‘Best Of Joy’ is a timeless piece of Michael’s personal feelings he wanted to share with everyone.” It’s possible that “Best of Joy” is a lesser-known song than some of his other songs, but knowing how much heart and soul went into its creation makes it even more delightful to listen to.

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