Finally, Twitter Edit Button Is Real, But You’ll Have To Pay

The demand for the Twitter edit button has been for long enough. Though there was nothing derived from Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Take-Backsie, the good news is that Twitter is finally listening to its users. The Twitter edit button is here to be a game changer and the social media platform is rolling out the news to make the experience richer for its users. However, do not get excited since the Twitter edit button is a payable feature and only people who will be paying for it can access it. So, what exactly is going to happen with the Twitter edit button? Let’s find out.

Twitter Edit Button: What Is Twitter Blue?

The biggest names in the world have suggested come-up with a Twitter edit button. But after the recommendations fell on deaf ears for years, Twitter has ultimately agreed to introduce the long-awaited service. The company announced on 1st September 2022 that it is currently in the internal testing process of the Twitter edit button that will be soon made available under Twitter Blue. 

twitter edit button
twitter edit button

 So, what is Twitter Blue? Well, Twitter Blue will be the subscription plan that will be available to those users who will pay for it. The users need to pay $5 a month to get the exclusive Twitter edit button for further alerting their tweets. Once the tweet has been edited, the original version will no longer be available and the followers can see only the edited version.  Thus, you can change the tweet post-publication.

As a matter of fact, this is a major development in the case of Twitter since 15 months ago when the users were asking for a Twitter edit button, the people running the microblogging site’s official account replied, “you don’t need an edit button, you just need to forgive yourself.”

However, it is better said than done because Twitter had to consider the worst-case scenarios that can happen due to the Twitter edit button. Thus, the service has been made payable so that it remains exclusive to only a few who are willing to pay for it.

Can The User Edit The Tweet Anytime With The Twitter Edit Button?

Now, Twitter is strictly monitoring and controlling how to ensure users can use this feature. That’s why the feature will be exclusively available for 30 minutes. It means that once you post the tweet, you will get 30 minutes from the time of post to use the Twitter edit button. You can edit it “a few times” to fix the typos, insert the missed tags, and do any other alterations.

The AWO director, Mathias Vermeulen of Brussels-based data rights agency, said, “I am really looking forward to finally editing annoying typos with this new feature,” “But I do hope that Twitter has thought through the potential abuse cases of such a feature as well. Any design choice by a social media platform can and will be abused by bad actors. An edit button could be used to circumvent content moderation policies and measures.”

Twitter even claimed that it would be intentionally limiting the Twitter edit button to only a handful of users at the initial stage. It will test and gather feedback on the design choices before making them accessible to all Twitter users. 

In a blog post, the company revealed its plan and said, “This includes how people might misuse the feature,” “You can never be too careful.”

Moreover, Twitter is also reconsidering the time since it thinks that 30 minutes is too generous of a time to edit any innocent. Twitter wants to maintain the authenticity that it is originally known for. 

However, critics like Vermeulen have other concerns like, “If you tweet disinformation about a political candidate during an election debate on national television, that tweet goes viral within 20 minutes, and after having racked up thousands of views, you edit the tweet and add: ‘Forgot to add that this was a joke people!’, is that edited tweet then going to be hidden behind a warning notice?”

So, yes, along with the Twitter edit button, the site needs preventive measures to avoid such circumstances. The Twitter edit button may be a savior for many, but with something so big comes responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Are you excited about the Twitter edit button?


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