How Old Was Priscilla After Marrying Elvis? When Did They Exchange Wedding Vows?

Already Baz Luhrmann has established a reputation for adapting classic works to the big screen such as Romeo + Juliet (1996) and The Great Gatsby (2013) both written by William Shakespeare. His most recent musical biopic stars Austin Butler as Elvis Presley.

Numerous books and documentaries have been made that explore the public and private life of the American singer and actor since he is one of the most influential individuals in entertainment history. Luhrmann’s film will shed new light on the cultural icon despite his massive popularity by providing a dramatic window into his personal life.

Also, how old was Priscilla when she got married to Elvis?

At What Age Did Priscilla and Elvis Tie the Knot?

Priscilla and Elvis were married when she was 21 and he was 32. In 1967 the couple exchanged wedding vows but before we get to that it’s interesting to look back at how they first met and developed their connection.

According to a diversion they first met in 1959 at a party in West Germany when she was 14 and he was 24. For this reason Priscilla’s parents forbade her to have any contact with him. Things were less than ideal when he first started spending time with the family but something had improved by the time he left the nation in 1960.

Their physical separation for two years resulted in frequent writing and the second meeting in 1962 when she was invited to see the musician in Los Angeles.


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A few years later, in 1963 she uprooted her life and relocated to Los Angeles on the stipulation that she enroll in a Catholic school and that she and her future husband would wed as soon as the time was perfect. The Express notes that one of the requirements was that she not reside with her partner but with Elvis’s parents.

Despite this Elvis and Priscilla moved in together and assured her parents that he would soon be putting a ring on her finger. In 1966 after the couple had moved around professionally and spent some time in Hollywood Elvis proposed and on May 1, 1967 they were married in Las Vegas.

In September of that year, Priscilla gave birth to Lisa Marie Presley, the sole child of Elvis and herself. They were only together for six years before calling it quit on October 9, 1973.

Do you know Why did Elvis Presley use to wear eyeliner? Priscilla Presley has spoken about his love of eyeliner. According to sources, here are the complete details about Elvis Presley’s love for eyeliner.

How Old is Priscilla Presley Now?

She’s 77 years old and still going strong as an American businesswoman and actress. Despite being with Brazilian screenwriter and computer programmer Marco Garibaldi from 1984 to 2006 she never remarried.

“My Parents Became Confused and Bewildered by Our Relationship”

According to Distractify, the two remained friendly until Elvis’s untimely death in 1977 when he was just 42. She told People Magazine in 1985 that he had first stated to her, “Why you’re just a baby?” Then, a few days later, he had asked her to follow him to his room.

“I want to be alone with you, Priscilla,” he allegedly told her. “Will you come upstairs to my room?”

When they began meeting each other her parents weren’t seeing eye-to-eye with the couple: “My parents became confused and bewildered by our relationship. We tried to make them believe that it was proper and platonic and they wanted to believe me.”

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