Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: How did He build his wealth?

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: Alexis Ohanian is an American entrepreneur in the technology sector and one of the people responsible for founding the online discussion platform Reddit. In addition to that, Alexis is married to the famous tennis player Serena Williams.

Alexis Ohanian Early Life

Anke and Chris Ohanian welcomed Alexis Kerry into the world on April 24, 1983, in Brooklyn, New York. After the Armenian Genocide, his grandparents fled to the United States and settled there. Ohanian went to Ellicott City, Maryland’s Howard High School. At his 2001 graduation, he addressed the graduates. Alexis Ohanian, a 2005 University of Virginia graduate who focused on business and the Internet while in college and was a member of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, started focusing on these topics. He double-majored in business and history.

Alexis Ohanian Reddit

After graduating from college, he founded numerous Internet firms. The concept for MyMobileMenu was initially presented to Y Combinator by Ohanian and his friend Steve Huffman. The business rejected the suggestion but strongly encouraged the two to develop their subsequent one. In 2005, he helped co-found Reddit, a news website where users may submit and rate news articles.

In the summer of 2005, Reddit was among the first group of startups accepted into Y Combinator. A year later, Conde Nast bought it for an unknown sum of between $10 million and $20 million. As a director on Reddit’s board, Alexis collaborated closely with the platform. In July 2015, he joined forces with Huffman to head the now-independent Reddit full-time.

In February 2018, Ohanian withdrew from Reddit to concentrate on investment. On June 5, 2020, he also submitted his resignation from the Reddit board and requested that a Black candidate take his place in response to the murder of George Floyd. On June 10, 2020, Black businessman Michael Seibel was elected to the Reddit board of directors.

Alexis Ohanian Other Businesses

Ohanian established Breadpig in 2007, an online business that finds or creates “geeky” products and markets them. Ohanian then donates all of the company’s profits to charities, such as the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Room to Read, a project that aims to build a primary school in Laos. Since it was opened in 2007, the website has raised more than $150,000.

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth
Alexis Ohanian Net Worth

He is no longer active in running Breadpig daily. Additionally, he oversees marketing for the online travel agency Hipmunk. Das Kapital Capital, a business that specializes in startup funding, consulting, and advice, was established by Ohanian in June 2010. Ohanian was designated as Y Combinator’s Ambassador to the East. Before leaving in 2016, he was also a full-time partner at Y Combinator.

Alexis Ohanian’s Personal Life

The tennis prodigy Serena Williams was allegedly dating Alexis in October 2015. After dating secretly for just over a year away from the media, Serena and Alexis made their engagement official on December 29, 2016. They had a daughter in September 2017 before getting married in November of that same year.

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: American internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian has a 40 million dollar fortune. He is one of Reddit’s co-founders. Ohanian is renowned for marrying Serena Williams, a prominent tennis player.

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