Leaked Apple Watch Pro Case Drawings Shows An Extra Button

Apple’s big event is on the way and the tech-lovers are trying to validate all the information before the ultimate drops are about to happen. We already know that Apple is going to launch the latest Apple Watch in its “Far Out Event” that will be happening on Wednesday, September 7th.  And if you have to believe the rumors, there are some major changes done to Apple’s wearable, especially the Apple Watch Pro case. The event will drop the brand-new updates that the entire world has been waiting for. So, what is the update about the Apple Watch Pro case that everyone is excited about? How big will the changes be if you compare the new Apple Watch Pro case to the old ones? Keep reading to know about the brand new development of the Apple Watch.

What Are The Changes In The Size of The Frame of The Apple Watch Pro Case?

Let us credit the source that made the new features first known to the citizens. The Apple Watch Pro case is rumored to undergo a massive upgrade to enhance the user experience and take it up a notch. It is heard that Apple Watch Series 8 is in the line for being released. However, the surprise is that there might be a new Apple Watch Pro product. Now, if you know Mark Gurman, he always brings accurate information related to tech and even he has acknowledged the drop of the Apple Watch Pro and discussed the Apple Watch Pro case openly. 

Apple Watch Pro Case
Apple Watch Pro Case

Unlike its other models, the Apple Watch Pro case has a brand new design. A diagram of the Apple Watch Pro case went viral on the internet and fans are convinced that this is the latest addition to the family Apple. The Apple Watch Pro will have a large body combined with slim bezels. Rumors suggest that the Apple Watch Pro case is between 48 mm and 50 mm. If you saw the diagram of the Apple Watch Pro case, then it is hard to anticipate how big the product looks based on the diagram. We can vouch that the real-life Apple Watch Pro case is larger in real life.

Moreover, the body will be rounded, as the Apple Watch Pro case shows but thick compared to the models available on the market.

Is There A New Extra Button In The Apple Watch Pro Case?

Without a doubt, the Digital Crown is going to be present. It will be placed on a much-raised platform along with the microphone slot and the added side button. On the other hand, the left side features the speaker. However, there is a new addition to the Apple Watch Pro case. It is probably a new button that is hopefully programmable. It is anticipated that the new button on the Apple Watch Pro case will help to launch apps, start workout schedules and do more instantly.

Mar Gurman tweeted regarding this, saying, “A couple of things I’d point out regarding the Apple Watch Pro design: – No flat sides. They are rounded like the Series 7. – The new button on the left side is probably programmable to do whatever you want. For instance, launching a specific app, feature, or workout.”

Though the news hasn’t been confirmed, tech giants like Mar Gurman also have similar expectations from Apple Watch Pro. It is going to be quite the model that will have the latest generation features and terrific specifications.

Apple Watch Pro Battery Life Explained

Rumors are spreading at a higher speed and it is said that Apple Watch Pro will have a larger battery for extra-long life. The exact capacity hasn’t been disclosed but we are sure that it is going to be certainly massive.

What Is The Price of The Apple Watch Pro?

The price is speculated to be starting at a minimum of $899. You will learn everything about it at the “Far Out” event. 

The Apple Watch Pro case prototype has already created buzz and Apple enthusiasts are eager to find out updated information on the new releases. Are you joining the live event?

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