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Are There Rumours About Jatie Vlogs’ Pregnancy Or Is She Really Pregnant?

is jatie vlogs pregnant

is jatie vlogs pregnant

Find out if JatieVlogs is expecting. After watching a video they made on their YouTube channel regarding an essential piece of news, followers of Jatie Vlogs now assume they are pregnant. This is pretty thrilling for their first supporters.

In addition to being bloggers and YouTubers, Josh and Katie are both fitness enthusiasts. By employing a variety of humorous videos and vlogs, their main objective is to encourage viewers to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Currently, their joint channel has 3.02 million subscribers and 1 billion views.

Is JatieVlogs Pregnant?

YouTuber Jatie vlogs have been pranks on her husband about being pregnant since the beginning of 2021. Fans seem to have become accustomed to it and know the footage will never be accurate.

She took a pregnancy test in March last year, but the results were negative. Fans and Jatie’s husband were eager for them to establish a family, but that did not happen at the time. Every other video they make has to do with what they were expecting, showing how far this thing has come.

is jatie vlogs pregnant

On 29th August 2022, Jatie posted a video saying, “We have a big announcement,” but again, this one ended without any proper conclusion. It featured her and her other half, and fans are speculating different possibilities. One of the comments under their content writes, “Y’all are going to be the best parents out there. I’m so excited for you guys. It will be awesome; love, you, Josh, and Katie.”

Another one writes, “I’m thinking they are launching something new for Jatie fit and that they are going to be featured on something. Throughout the video, they said getting in shape, so I think they are preparing for that! I’m excited about whatever it is and am so happy for them! I wanna know already, ahhh.”

Josh Brueckner, Jatie Vlogs’ husband, is a fitness fanatic who frequently appears on her social media pages. Each has an Instagram account with the handle @joshxkatiefit, where they share their workout videos. His last post on his social media was “Being mean to a Subscriber PRANK on Wife!”

Jatie Vlogs is a joint account owned by Katie and Josh. The bio of their channel says, “What up; it’s Katie & Josh! Welcome to our Vlog Channel! We post Vlogs, Pranks, and Challenges! Subscribe if you’re a savage and want to be part of the JATIE Fam!”

The two frequently make fun of their supporters on numerous subjects. When they discussed their relationship’s issues and the possibility of breaking up, followers used to become highly alarmed. However, they admitted that it was all a prank 24 hours later. Their supporters breathed a sense of relief at this.

Do Josh And Katie Have Children?

Topper Brunker, the dog owned by Josh and Katie, is equally important to their child. Jatie does not currently have children despite their numerous pregnancy spoof videos. Topper Brunker, the dog owned by Josh and Katie, is comparable to their minor child. Jatie does not, however, currently have children despite their few pregnancy trick records. Fans are eagerly awaiting one major announcement regarding their actual pregnancy shortly. Fans are anticipating significant information shortly regarding their real pregnancy.

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