My Life Would Be Very Different Without Fall: Stewart Lee Honest Playlist!

My Life Would Be Very Different Without Fall Stewart Lee Honest Playlist: In Mallorca while on vacation with my mother. I recall listening to this Spanish guitarist play The Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo while sitting by a few candles in pitch black near a lake. I only understood it when I was in my 20s and listening to Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, which has the same concerto.

The First Single I Purchased

My mother used to accompany me to Woolworths on Stratford Road in Shirley as much as she did Top Of The Pops because I remember adoring Sugar Baby Love by the Rubettes in 1974. Years later, I was on the bill in a little Wycombe Swan theatre chamber. We didn’t have our catering, so I stole the Rubettes’ lunches while The Rubettes and Alvin Stardust played in the main theatre.

The Music I Do at Karaoke

In addition to acquiring standup comic timing, Roger Miller’s King of the Road truly swings alongside, making it accessible to everyone. I also rule the highway, so that helps.

The Greatest Music to Play at a Celebration

Stewart Lee Honest Playlist
Stewart Lee Honest Playlist

The Gourds, a lovely hillbilly band, have a six-minute rendition of Snoop Dogg’s song Gin & Juice. People initially ask, “What’s this rubbish?” then Snoop Dogg appears. With an excellent mandolin break, it’s danceable.

The Music I Supposedly Despise But Secretly Enjoy

Even though I remember how overproduced a lot of blokey tunes from the 1980s, like Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer, now I listen to them with a genuine sense of nostalgia.

The Music I Can Not Hearken To

Morrissey, sadly. Although many musicians do terrible things, the Smiths were so influential to my generation that it didn’t sit right to let him drift to the far right. I recall listening to How Soon Is Now after seeing the Smiths at the Birmingham Hippodrome and dancing to it in 1995 in Tucson, Arizona, at a disco. My youthful attachment to the Smiths is difficult to let go of, but I’m unsure how to reconcile Morrissey’s solo work with who he has become.

The Music That Modified My Life

I grew up listening to John Peel, but I found the Fall annoying, monotonous, and incomprehensible. After much listening, I finally heard I’m Into CB, and something clicked, turning me into a lifelong fan. They broadened my horizons as I learned more about the people Franz Kafka was mentioned in their lyrics and the Velvet Underground, one of their influences.

Without Mark E. Smith, my life would have changed drastically. I’m unsure whether I could have taken English in college or even been a comic. Guided By Voices, who have been active since the mid-80s, are the band that will wake me up in the morning. They release roughly six albums a year. Glad Girls will wake you up in the morning, and they’ve written a tonne of tunes.

The Music I Need to be Performed at My Funeral

The funeral for Sean Hughes had a lot of laughter. He had the Smiths’ Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, so I would sing with him or play Giant Sand’s rendition of Is That All There Is? with Peggy Lee.

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