How Did Alan Thicke Die? What Is The Cause Of His Death?

Cause of Death for Alan Thicke, Actor Alan Thicke from Canada passed away at 69. However, the manner of Alan Thicke’s passing has baffled some so you may view his cause of death here. According to medical professionals, the illness that claimed actor Alan Thicke’s life is uncommon, and accurate diagnoses frequently occur too late. How Did Thicke Die? What Is The Cause Of His Death?

 The death certificate obtained by the Associated Press earlier this week, the 69-year-old actor best known for his fatherly portrayal in the popular 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains” passed away from a ruptured aorta, the main artery that carries blood from the heart to the brain and other organs.

According to the death certificate, the actor’s aortic rupture happened roughly three hours after he experienced an inner layer of the artery rip or dissection. According to medical professionals, the incision causes blood to flow between the artery’s layers, ultimately rupturing.

_How Did Alan Thicke Die
_How Did Alan Thicke Die

Aortic dissection caused Alan Thicke’s death. Dr. Edward Savage, a cardiothoracic surgeon and the director of the Heart & Vascular Center at Cleveland Clinic Florida near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stated that an aorta tear necessitates immediate surgery, and the chances of survival are good; delayed diagnosis frequently proves to be too late.

According to him, when patients have chest pain, they often think they have had a heart attack. However, the discomfort from a rip will typically progress higher. It may travel along the spine as blood leaks into the area between the layers of the ascending aorta, according to Savage. Friends and admirers react to Alan Thicke’s tragic passing. Anyone can experience an aortic dissection. However, common causes include an enlarged aorta, an existing aneurysm, and Marfan syndrome, an inherited connective tissue illness.

Dr. Brian Taschner, a cardiologist with Lee Health in Fort Myers, Florida, and the incoming board chairman of the American Heart Association in Southwest Florida stated that “it is conceivable (Thicke) had an aneurysm.” According to Taschner, a small percentage of people who visit emergency rooms who complain of chest pain and think they are experiencing a heart attack suffer from a dissection.


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Carter, his 19-year-old son, and Thicke fainted while playing ice hockey, and Thicke passed away on December 13 in a hospital in Burbank, California. Aortic dissections can happen while a patient rests and sits on the couch. Still, Savage, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, suggested that patients who experience an aortic dissection may exert themselves in some way.

Other actors have also experienced aortic dissections, most notably John Ritter, who played John in the sitcom “Three’s Company” and passed away in 2003 at 54. According to Taschner, Ritter’s aorta rupture occurred when he received hospital treatment for a heart attack. The wife of Alan Thicke describes a “deep sadness.” To raise awareness and support medical research, the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health was established in October 2003, a few weeks following Ritter’s passing.

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