Is Black Noir Really Dead? What Happened To Him In ‘The Boys Season 3’?

The Soldier Boy saga’s grand end was shown in The Boys’ eighth episode. The episode, titled The Instant White-Hot Wild, included several jaw-dropping scenes, including Billy Butcher and Homelander jointly lasering Soldier Boy. Maeve battles Homelander and suffers gouging to her eyes. The passing of Black Noir, a cherished member of The Seven, was, nonetheless, the most tragic event.

After evading capture in episode seven, Black Noir returns to The Seven tower to defend Homelander and himself from Soldier Boy’s impending threat. Homelander hits Noir in the abdomen and pulls his guts out after learning that Noir knew that Soldier Boy was Homelander’s father.

Black Noir passed away surrounded by his animated animal companions, crying and saying their final goodbyes. The audience was moved to tears by a silent, mask-wearing individual that appeared throughout the entire series.

Black Noir Garnered A Massive Fan Following After His Death In The Final Episode Of The Boys Season 3

Black Noir’s character, created as a parody of Batman, remained a mystery for the first two seasons. Fans, however, got to see his past in one of the most surprising ways in episode seven of the third season.

Noir seeks refuge at an abandoned school where he meets animated friends, much like Snow White, after fleeing Vought Tower. These comprise Buster the Beaver, an Eagle, Sheep, a few birds, and other animated creatures.

In an interview, creator Eric Kripke was quoted saying:

“If there’s an idiosyncratic way that I can tell a story, I’ll take it because it’s way more fun to step out of the box and tell something uniquely. This notion of when [Noir’s] alone, he’s like Snow White, [with] cute animals fluttering around him, just made me laugh.”

The animated characters told a heartbreaking story about Noir, a Payback member who was victimized by their team’s leader, Soldier Boy. Fans were unable to miss the racial overtones in their encounters. Cartoon friends urged Black Noir to oppose Soldier Boy, but unhappily, Homelander, Black Noir’s purported best buddy, killed him.

It is safe to conclude that Noir cannot be brought back to life as she lies disemboweled. In Nicaragua, Soldier Boy had attacked him similarly, but Vought had healed him. Fans think that getting Noir back won’t help his lovely character development. Black Noir’s heartbreaking tale touched the perfect chord with admirers who flocked to Twitter to express their sorrow.

In The Boys Comics, Black Noir Is Homelander’s Clone Who R*ped And Killed Butcher’s Wife

Black Noir is Homelander’s clone in The Boys comics, and she killed and sexually assaulted Butcher’s wife. The Boys TV series’ creator, Eric Kripke, is noted for deviating from the source material found in comic books. In contrast to the comic books, he decided that The Boys wouldn’t possess any superpowers.

He gender-swapped Stormfront in the series and made other significant modifications to the character. However, Black Noir, identified as the main enemy in the comics, represents the most significant change.

Black Noir is nothing more than a Homelander knockoff. When Vought was created, it was a backup plan in case Homelander ever turned rogue. Noir, though, became mad after spending years near the aim. Black Noir is responsible for starting the fight with The Boys after he attacked Rebecca, Butcher’s wife while posing as Homelander. The Boy’s season 3 is now streaming on Amazon Prime, with season 4 ready to go on the shooting floor in August of 2022.

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