Who Will Be The Next ‘Bachelor’ In 2023 Season?

Thanks to the most recent season of The Bachelorette, this year has been particularly memorable for the Bachelor franchise. Fans were treated to not one but two Bachelorettes hosting the entire season beginning in July 2022. On the dreadful Clayton Echard-led Bachelor season, the co-leads, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia finished in second place.

The pool for our next Bachelor is more significant than ever because Rachel and Gabby had the chance to meet 32 men at the beginning of their Bachelorette adventure. Fans have constantly speculated about which suitable suitor will present flowers the following season. Who will be the next Bachelor, then? Read on to learn every known detail.

Who Is The Next Bachelor For Season 27?

ABC hasn’t formally announced the lead for Season 27 of The Bachelor, but fans are already letting it be known who they’d like to see in that position. Erich Schwer, Jason Alabaster, Johnny DePhillipo, Tino Franco, Aven Jones, and Zach Shallcross are among the remaining participants from Gabby and Rachel’s season who are all adored by the audience and would excite viewers if they were to go on their adventures within the series.

However, a couple of those men are no longer in the race to be the next Bachelor. Reality Steve claims that Gabby and Rachel get engaged before the season ends. According to Gabby, Erich is the winner, and Tino supposedly receives Rachel’s final rose. The next Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise will see Johnny getting engaged to Bachelor alum Victoria Fuller, according to Steve.

Who Will Be The Next 'Bachelor'
Who Will Be The Next ‘Bachelor’

Jason, Aven, and Zach are the only ones left. However, two other contestants are currently taking the spotlight, even though many fans are rooting for one of these three lovebirds to be named the new Bachelor. Who are they, then?

We have to acknowledge that Nate, the electrical engineer that Gabby chose to send home before hometowns, got an excellent edit on The Bachelorette, which improved his chances of being the next Bachelor. The event, though, might not have existed given the Chicago native’s alleged infidelity and apparent inability to communicate clearly.

When Tyler went on his hometown date with Rachel, the company’s owner was told to go home because their bond wasn’t as strong as she wanted it to be. The New Jersey native handled the situation admirably, and because of his conduct during the breakup, many are pleading with ABC to name Tyler the upcoming Bachelor. Unfortunately, we have to remove him from consideration.

Well, Tyler will be a member of the enormous cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8.

His relationship status has a much more significant impact on his chances of winning the next Bachelor than his appearance. In the 26th season of The Bachelor, alum Brittany Galvin and Tyler don’t leave the beach alone, according to resident spoiler king Reality Steve.

The Release Date For Season 27 Of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Tbd.


 The season 27 premiere date of The Bachelor has not yet been announced. However, the following episode will likely continue the tradition of earlier seasons and premiere in January 2023.

Watch The Bachelorette on ABC every Monday at 8 p.m. ET in the interim.

Abc Hasn’t Said Much About Casting

The network announced on Instagram in May that The Bachelor would return once The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise finished airing. Additionally, host Jesse Palmer revealed his ideal Bachelor’s candidate. According to Extra, Jesse wants Shawn Mendes, Pete Davidson, or Drake to win. Although it would make for a good season, likely, Jesse will only see such things in his fantasies.

However, Jesse’s next best option is someone from the current season of the Bachelorette. “I think it’d be somebody from Rachel and Gabby’s season,” he told Bustle. “I don’t want to play favorites, but I honestly think that we have multiple guys this season that would make great Bachelors,” Jesse said. Hmm…noted.


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