Who Is Katie Holmes? Her Dating Timeline!

Katie Holmes‘ exes have been tabloid fodder since the ’90s. There was her rumored affair with A-lister Jamie Foxx and her on-set romance with Joshua Jackson during the making of Dawson’s Creek. This brunette beauty’s heart has been stolen by more than a few guys, including her 33-year-old partner, Bobby Wooten III.

We’re looking back at Katie’s most significant romances, beginning with her marriage to Joshua and concluding with her most recent hookup. Katie seldom stays single for long, and the outstanding IMDb resume and good looks of the Batman Begins star make it easy to see why.

Joshua Jackson

One of television’s most memorable couples, Joey (Katie) and Pacey (Joshua), was actually very much in love behind the scenes. After working together on the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek (which aired in January 1998), the co-stars went on a brief but passionate date. Katie told Rolling Stone in 1998, “I’m just going to say that I met somebody last year.

My first love was so extraordinary and unforgettable that I will never forget it. Moreover, I consider myself quite privileged to have him as one of my closest friends. Almost like Dawson and Joey, it’s pretty strange. Even the show’s creator, Kevin Williamson, was taken aback by their connection on set during the filming of Season 1’s landmark scientific project episode.

Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (6)
Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (6)

In order to complete the science assignment, Joey and Pacey were partnered up and tasked with going out and collecting samples. They were both drenched and had to strip down in the back of the truck, creating an awkward situation in which she peeked at him and he peeked at her.

They were pretty awkward around one another. According to Kevin’s recollection in a 2018 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the two hit it off immediately. Joshua later wed the British model Jodie Turner-Smith. They got married in December 2019 and then in April 2020. They had a baby daughter.

Chris Klein

Katie and Chris ruled the early 2000s. Katie became engaged to the American Pie star in 2003 and broke up with him in 2005, People reports. Chris later married casting director Laina-Rose Thyfault in 2015. Katie moved on to her most renowned romance.

Katie, then engaged to Chris Klein, told Seventeen Magazine in 2004: “I thought I’d marry Tom Cruise.” Her childhood wish was fulfilled. Katie split from Chris in 2005 and made her first public appearance with Tom in April (Tom was in Rome to receive a lifetime achievement award).

Next month, Tom confessed his “love” for Katie on Oprah Winfrey‘s couch. Katie said she’s subscribing to Tom’s religion Scientology at the Batman Begins premiere in June 2005. Tom and Katie were engaged and expecting Suri Cruise in the same month.

Suri arrived in April 2006, and the wedding was in November at Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. Katie filed for divorce from Tom in June 2012. Katie allegedly “hired three attorney firms in three states” for her divorce lawsuit, a source told the Los Angeles Times. In 2013, Tom told ProSieben he “didn’t expect” the divorce.

Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (5)
Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (5)

Katie filed for divorce from Tom in June 2012. Katie allegedly “hired three attorney firms in three states” for her divorce lawsuit, a source told the Los Angeles Times. In 2013, Tom told ProSieben he “didn’t expect” the divorce.

Katie has primary custody of Suri, and Tom hasn’t been seen with her since 2013. Neither parent has explained. An insider informed HollywoodLife in April 2019 that despite the challenges, he still loves his kid. Tom never wanted to be estranged from his daughter when he married Katie, and he hopes to mend their relationship someday.

Jamie Foxx

After Tom, Katie dated Jamie Foxx. This relationship had no public declarations of love. Katie and Jamie remained tight-lipped after fueling relationship rumors during a 2013 Hamptons charity event. In October that year, Jamie confirmed the romance allegations were “100% false.” In 2015, they were caught holding hands. In 2017, the reported lovers were photographed holding hands in Malibu.

Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (6)
Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (6)

Katie and Jamie’s connection became clearer after that, even if they didn’t declare it publicly. They were photographed together at Clive Davis’ 2018 Pre-Grammy Gala in NYC. The couple attended their first public event together at the 2019 Met Gala (but not the red carpet). After May 2019, the duo’s photos stopped. Katie and Jamie parted in August 2019 after Jamie was seen with Sela Valve.

Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Katie, who will be 42 in September 2020, has started generating buzz thanks to a sighting of her laughing it up with an unidentified man during supper in New York City at the beginning of September. Katie’s dashing lunch companion was the owner of a New York City Italian restaurant; his name is Emilio Vitolo Jr. Katie and Emilio were caught making out over the Labor Day weekend in September of 2020, and it didn’t take long for their followers to figure out whether or not they were dating platonically.

Katie was photographed sitting on top of Emilio’s lap and kissing him on their date at Manhattan’s Peasant Restaurant, so their romance was not a secret. The couple broke up in May of 2021, after only eight short months of dating. A representative for Katie told Us Weekly, “The pair have separated ways peacefully but remain friends.”

As the saying goes, “Their romance exploded. An insider told Us that the two have decided they’re better off as friends. They are still friends after the separation and there was no drama involved. Katie and Emilio’s relationship was fun to be a part of but ultimately unsuccessful. Her priorities right now are her family and her impending work, they said.

Bobby Wooten III

And now we reach Katie’s most recent love interest! In April of 2022, the Dawson’s Creek star and her boyfriend, musician Bobby Wooten III, were photographed taking a stroll through Central Park. Katie’s been seen going out on the town with her new beau, Bobby, too many red carpet events after their first kiss was caught on camera. These events include the Moth Ball Anniversary Gala in May and the Tribeca Film Festival in June.

Although this is a brand-new relationship, everything appears to be going swimmingly so far! She is “totally smitten” with the bassist. A close friend told HollywoodLife exclusively. You can’t help but fall for his enticing and passionate personality. Katie is giving herself permission to experience these emotions, recognizing that she is worthy of love.

Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (3)
Who Is Katie Holmes Dating (3)

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