Are Chantel & Pedro Divorced? They Have Filed For Divorce!

Are Chantel & Pedro Divorced? The Group Pedro Jimeno, the star of Chantel, may be going through a divorce, but has he started dating again already? To learn what we know about his present romantic situation, keep reading.

Are Chantel & Pedro Divorced?

According to In Touch, Chantel Everett and Pedro filed for divorce on May 27 after six years of marriage. In the fourth season of the spinoff, their marriage came to a head because Pedro frequently referred to his wife as “lazy” and believed she wasn’t being as supportive as he had been. Chantel thought her spouse was spending a lot of time at work, which made her feel unappreciated.

Pedro moved out into his apartment one day after asking Chantel for a divorce during a trial separation. Pedro filed for divorce in the season finale after a tense argument over Chantel’s claimed theft of $256,000 from their joint bank account following Pedro’s absence. When contacted by In Touch on his allegations that Chantel stole the money, which was stated in a prior motion, the counsel for Chantel had “no comment.”

Did Pedro Jimeno Cheat on Chantel Everett?

Chantel had her doubts about Pedro’s tight friendship with Antonella Barrenechea, a colleague in his real estate office, during season 4. “One evening, I took the day off work to clean the house and start cooking. In a July 2022 episode, Chantel said, “I contacted you at 8:30 and asked you where you were. You were at the mall with Antonella. You pick her up to take her to work. You pick her up from the mechanic—basically, you’re her do-boy, and you cater to her every desire.

Are Chantel & Pedro Divorced
Are Chantel & Pedro Divorced

Chantel believed Pedro had been unfaithful throughout their marriage, despite Pedro’s denial that he had cheated on her with Antonella. Chantel is from Atlanta, Georgia. Chantel filed her counterclaims six weeks after Pedro’s initial application, citing “adultery by the petitioner” and “cruel treatment” as the grounds for their divorce.

Does Pedro Jimeno Have a New Girlfriend?

Although Nicole Jimeno, Pedro’s sister, is eager for her brother to find new love, Pedro may not have one. “I’m anxious to meet my next-in-law sister. After learning of Pedro’s divorce, she told the producers, “I’m ready for Pedro to have another girlfriend. I am eager to get to know that new family. And I believe that family will be superior to Chantel’s.

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