Love Island Star Amy Hart Reveals She Expecting A Baby With Boyfriend Sam Raison

Amy Hart, a Love Island contestant, is expecting her first child with Sam Rason. While discussing her pregnant experience thus far on Loose Women on Monday, the 30-year-old reality TV star revealed terrific news. Amy said she is between 13 and 14 weeks pregnant and intends to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until the very end.

She also discussed how she naturally conceived Sam despite preserving her eggs and wanting to start IVF. We weren’t intending to start trying until next year, so Amy explained to the Loose Women panel how everything came about: “It was completely unexpected… On my 30th birthday, Amesfest, I was entirely sober. Everyone kept commenting, “You don’t appear drunk?” Stacey’s sister got me a cup so nobody could see what I was drinking.

Love Island Star Amy Hart Reveals She Expecting A Baby With Boyfriend Sam Raison
Love Island Star Amy Hart Reveals She Expecting A Baby With Boyfriend Sam Raison

“And I told my best friend, ‘People are starting to ask,’ and she replied, ‘Well, then, you’re going to have to do something!'” she continued. When Lay All Your Love On Me began to play the Abba tribute band, nobody ordered me to stop crawling across the dance floor. “It was just such a shock, it was so unanticipated, it just occurred,” Sam continued as he joined the panel. “Disbelief,” he added.

The couple announced their pregnancy online, posting photos on her Instagram while costumed as members of the Abba group and commenting, “Mamma Mia, Here we go…..” while holding up their scan photo. Amy stated in the post that she believed it was only appropriate to make her exciting news public on Loose Women since she had previously openly discussed fertility MOTs, solo IVF, and egg freezing on the show.

Amy, who earlier dated Curtis Pritchard of the Love Island cast, has seen model and entrepreneur Sam for a year; the two initially made their relationship known in 2021.

Molly-Mae Hague, Anna Vakili, Rosie Williams, Paige Turley, and Tasha Ghouri, fellow Love Island alumni, have been among the swarms of “congrats” comments exchanged with the expecting parents. They expressed their joy following the couple’s announcement.

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